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The Neglected Peanut Butter

As I was going through pictures trying to catch up on the goings and doings on the farm, I came across pictures of these peanut butter jars. This is the brand that Whole Foods did their web write-up about and told about how we grow organic peanuts on our farm.

Well, when we finally got a hold of some of this peanut butter for ourselves (because we don’t live around any Whole Foods stores,) the jars just screamed out at me. “You are always taking pictures of those sexy wine bottles, but you haven’t taken pictures in a long time of us hearty and nutritious peanut butters!” So, I finally went out and took these pictures – and then promptly forgot about them. How sad, very sad.

I was looking for more photos to post about the farm, and these jars just screamed out at me again! “Don’t forget us! Don’t we look rather strong and majestic there? Sturdy, capable, dependable.”

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One lonely cotton plant

One lonely cotton plant in a West Texas vineyard…

This really is a strange site. First all most of the plants you see here are grape vines. Dormant from the winter, the plants look like sticks without leaves on them tied to metal and bamboo poles and wires. But then … there it is … a single cotton plant. Somehow a seed from somewhere (we do have quite a few cotton seeds around here in West Texas) sprouted and grew.

It is unusual also because it grew last summer. Most of the plants from its growth cycle were harvested last September, but it’s still here. The cotton in the boll is still rather white and fluffy.

It is as though that cotton plant grew there to remind us of our past.

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Whole Foods web site blog and Organic Peanut butter

Hey, there is a blog on the Whole Foods web site up today about organic peanutbutter. It also has a picture of a real hunk of a guy. The really good looking one on the right. That one is My Honey. The other two are sons. They are poseing in front of a big pile of peanuts that have been dug up and set to dry in the West Texas sun. The peanuts are about to be thrashed by the combine that is behind them to separate the peanuts in the shells from the vine trash. Then the peanuts still have to be sent to the peanut plant and dried some more, shelled, roasted, salted, ground up, or whatever they need before they are really ready to eat.

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Track My T Web site by Anvil

Our family got to be a part of a project done by Anvil Knitwear ( By the way, if you watch the intro on their web site as it changes pictures you will see a picture of one of my daughters out in one of our cotton fields.

So, let’s get back to the really neat project that they did at Anvil. Anvil has a program for kids to learn about where their t-shirts reeeally come from. Children or just people in general tend to think that the things that they buy don’t have any history before the store that they bought the shirt from. Similar to the thinking that says that milk comes from a carton and not from a cow or a goat. A child buys a T-shirt from a store, and he starts to think the store is where the shirt originated from. People sometimes just don’t realize how much effort goes into that shirt before it even reaches the store.

With Anvil’s program, the child takes their new tee home with a “tracking” number on the hang tag to enable the child to see their tee’s journey. Now you really need to go buy an organic Anvil t-shirt for your child to make this a really full learning experience, but if you can’t make it to the big city and a store for a while, try using 730058i08 as a tracking number. To make it clear that tracking number is all numbers except for the small “i” stuck in there. So, that would make the “0” zeros. Got it? I hope so.

There are tons of information to explore on the site, by when you get around to choosing to look at an organic farmer you might just get a look at our family. If you don’t, you will randomly see another neat organic farm family. It might be Carl Pepper and his family or Jimmy & Susan Wedel.

If you happen to get our family this is what you see –

This is just an adorable site with all of the hang tags and pictures.

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