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Our improved bottling line

We have acquired some newer parts for our bottling line. We are making these changes to improve our efficiency to enable us to produce even more wine to share with our friends.

Watch our bottling line below or attend our Meadow wine club dinner on July 27, 2019 for a tour of all the goings on at Bingham Family Vineyards.

In the video, we are bottling our 2017 Dugout. Our 2016 Dugout did exceptionally well at several competitions including winning best Texas wine at the San Antonio Rodeo and Livestock Show Wine Competition as well as the Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show Wine Competition.

We hope that you will all enjoy the 2017 Dugout as it is released. A little bottle aging will be good now.


2019 Lone Star Wine Competition

We enter six wines in the 2019 Lone Star Wine Competition and all six won medals. Those wines are:

2016 Dirt Farmer, Silver in proprietary blends catagory
2015 Tempranillo, Silver in Tempranillo catagory
2018 Malvasia Bianca, Silver in other white wines catagory
NV Short Rows, Silver in proprietary blends catagory
2016 Dolcetto, Bronze in other red wines catagory
2018 Roussanne, Bronze in Roussanne catagory


A Cold Night on the High Plains

Last night temperatures got down to 32′ degrees in our Vineyards. There was hard freeze on the pickup. There was moisture on the vines, but only slight freeze on the vines and leaves.

This evening and in a few days we will know more about any damage.

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2019 Houston Rodeo Uncorked! Wine Competition Medal Winners

Last night was the 2019 Houston Livestock and Rodeo Best Bites Competition. Clint & Alexis were there to serve our Texas Class Champion winning wines: 2016 Dugout, 2017 Gewürztraminer, and 2016 Petit Verdot. Something for everyone a red Cabernet Sauvignon wine blend, a semi-sweet spicy white wine, and deep red varietal wine.

The event was a spectacular celebration of great food and wine.

You can read more about the food winners from the Houston Food Finder article here.

Here is a full line up of our winning wines from the Houston Rodeo Uncorked! International Wine Competition.

2019 Houston Rodeo Uncorked International Wine Competition
13 awards, 3 Texas Class Champions

2019 Houston Livestock & Rodeo medal winning wines for Bingham Family Vineyards

2016 Dugout, Gold, Texas Class Champion
(New-World Red Bordeaux Blend and Meritage ($13-$35))
2017 Gewürztraminer, Silver, Texas Class Champion
(Dry and Semi-Dry/0-4% RS; ($6-$20)) 
2016 Petit Verdot, Silver, Texas Class Champion
(Petit Verdot up to $40)
2014 Reserve Merlot, Gold
(Merlot and Merlot based Blends ($40-$75))
2016 Merlot, Gold
(Merlot and Merlot based Blends ($40-$75))
2016 Dolcetto, Gold
(New World Red Italian Varietals and Blends ($16-$35))
2016 Dirt Farmer, Silver
(New World Tempranillo and Blends ($30 – $100))
2017 Roussanne, Silver
(Rhone-Style White Varietals and Blends ($14- $25))
2014 Reserve Tempranillo, Silver
(New World Tempranillo & Blends ($30 – $100))
2016 Tempranillo, Silver
(New World Tempranillo and Blends ($30 – $100))
2017 Turnrow, Silver
(New World Tempranillo and Blends ($14 – $29))
2015 Cabernet Sauvignon, Bronze
(Cabernet Sauvignon ($30-$39))
2016 Carignan, Bronze
(Other Red Wine Blends ($21-$35))

This isn’t the first year that our wines have shone at the Houston Rodeo Uncorked Competition. Our buckles and medals for 2019 have not yet arrived, but here are our medals and buckles from the 2017 competition.

Daniel Bingham and Marissa Bingham have been doing a wonderful job as young and upcoming winemakers. Let us give them a cheer and some encouragment by coming to one of our tasting rooms to try some of their award winning wines.

We now take reservations on line to make your experience more personalized at our Grapevine and our Fredericksburg tasting rooms.


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