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Celebrate 2016 National Tempranillo Day with Bingham Family Vineyards Tempranillo

November 10 is National Tempranillo Day. Celebrate the whole month with 100% estate grown Bingham Family Vineyards 2014 Tempranillo. Our 2014 Tempranillo was aged eighteen months in oak and has flavors of plum and cinnamon spice.

Wonderful for drinking now or for buying several bottles to stock your cellar. Tempranillo has a heritage as the noble grape of Spain. Texans have learned to grow the grape well in our state.

This wine has won a silver medal at the 2016 Lone Star Wine Competition and a bronze medal, 2016 San Francisco International Wine Competition.


Bingham Family Vineyards now has 25 acres of Tempranillo selling this great Texas grape to many wineries around the state.



Putting faces on agriculture, our tour with Ted Cruz

As a senator Ted Cruz is interested in Texas, and for a few days he is getting a closer look at Texas agriculture which is a large part of the Texas economy and many Texans way of life. Today Cruz visited Meadow Co-op Gin, then to our farm and vineyards. Later in the afternoon they were planning on visiting a dairy. So, here was the taste of our lives.

First Cliff showed Cruz peanuts which we are in the process of harvesting and the equipment that we use to harvest them. We have a peanut field near by where the peanuts had been dug, but are left laying on top of the ground to dry. We are hoping for a few more days of dry weather, and then we can use the combines to finish off the harvest. Here Cliff is showing the senator some of those peanuts that are drying.


The next spot was the vineyard. There we introduced the senator to some of our children, Nathan, Sierra, and Brianna. Eric was there also, who helps in the vineyards.

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Texas Viognier harvest 2015

Wow, we have been busy, but now all of our Viognier grapes are harvested for 2015. On my way to the winery this morning, I followed one of our dump carts that was filled with Viognier grapes.

15.09.07_ _005-web

Organic  black-eyed peas in the foreground. One of our vineyards in the background. These grapes are being taken to our winery.

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