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we love growing grapes for wineries all over the wonderful state of Texas!

Hye Meadow Winery 2014 Trebbiano

It is such an enjoyable experience to share Texas grown grapes with wine makers around the state to help them make wonderful Texas wine as with Hye Meadow Winery with their Trebbiano. Can’t wait to try this one. Trebbiano is one of the up and coming white grapes for Texas.


They currently also have 2012 Hye Meadow Viognier made with grapes that we grew. So, if you are visiting historic Hye, Texas, then go by and visit them.



Review of Dugout

Today, we have been bottling more wine for your enjoyment, while other have been enjoying it. It looks like our first reviews are good. We are just getting started, but we hope you all enjoy the beginnings as we learn more each day.

Jeremy Wilson over at The Texas Wine Lover blog did a review of our red wine blend called Dugout. You need to go and read it. He did some really nice photo shots like this one.

Jeremy Wilson

Photo by Jeremy Wilson

But there is also a picture of Daniel and Manuel. So go on over and take a look, and then come on back here to get you a bottle for yourself to try.



Trebbiano is Texas Monthly’s Wine of the Month

“This wine has a lovely brininess to it that makes it a great option for seafood like oysters, but it also has weight to it that makes it good for lighter cooked dishes as well like our scallop pozole because there’s also good fruit on the mid-palate, which is good for a dish with spicy qualities,” says June Rodil.

June Rodil was Food & Wine magazine’s Best Sommelier of the Year in 2014.


Read more information about the wine here in the Texas Monthly article written by Jessica Dupuy or on the Duchman Family Winery web site.

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