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we love growing grapes for wineries all over the wonderful state of Texas!

Is Texas Wine for Real?

The question is there… and it was asked by at the Austin Food & Wine Festival and Jessica Dupuy of Texas Monthly Magazine. Here is their answer in Jessica’s article in Texas Monthly Magazine. Here is another great article by Matt McGinnis in the Austin Culture Map.

Wow, it looks like they had a great time at the Austin Food & Wine Festival. Wish we could have been there, but then we were at the High Plains Winegrowers vineyard tour. We have to make sure that they aren’t scheduled on the same weekend again.

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High Plains Winegrowers

Something new is coming. A bunch of us High Plains winegrowers got together and decided to form a group to celebrate the great fun that we have growing grapes. In the past, some of us have hosted a vineyard tour for the wineries of Texas to come see the beautiful vineyards on the High Plains. This year everyone is invited. The event will be this Saturday at the new Mallet Event Center in Levelland, Texas. It is soooo new that they just have a drawing of the building on their web site not a real picture.

If you go to the High Plains Winegrowers new web site, you can read all about the details of the 2012 High Plains Winegrowers Vineyard Tour on Saturday. We’ll be there, just look for our new banner that is being made by LGB Signs in Lubbock.



Houston Chronicles does a tasting of Duchman 2010 Vermentino

The Houston Chronicles did a blind tasting of Duchman 2010 Vermentino made with our vermentino grapes. Here’s a link to the article.

Here is some of what they had to say: “Duchman winemaker Dave Reilly says the wine, made from Bingham Family Vineyards High Plains grapes, is the best he’s ever made, and we won’t argue with him. As acclaimed as the ’09 was, this trumps it. Nicely acidic, the wine is full of citrus flavors, especially grapefruit, with a long, satisfying finish. Note, too that Duchman’s ’10 Viognier, at the same price, scored just a hair lower.”

Here is what Russ Kane had to say about the ’10 Vermentino.

Here is another blog about the wine over at Duchman.

So, now it might be time to quite reading about it and go taste some.



March GOTEXAN Twitter Tuesday

What a lovely trio we have here,

So what do you know? My Honey gets to be a guest in the GOTEXAN Twitter Tuesday, March 1st at 7:00 p.m. I know, I know, the people that really know Cliff will say, “But Cliff doesn’t ‘do’ Twitter. He is too busy growing wonderfully delicious wine grapes.”

But “we” do Twitter. Remember I told that I love using the word “we” on the farm. “We” do all kinds of dirty work on the farm. The only thing is that usually I, Betty, am watching or taking pictures while everyone else it getting their hands dirty. I like it that way. So, that is why I usually do the Tweeting.

But Tuesday, Cliff, in all his viticulture wit and wisdom, will be making comments and answering questions. I have to admit though that “I” will be doing most of the typing. So, you can just blame the spelling errors on me.

Everyone will be tweeting about the promising varieties in the Texas High Plains AVA.

If you want to taste and tweet, we invite you to choose one or more of the following wines made from grapes that “we” grew.

Duchman Family Winery Vermentino (Read about it here or buy it here or here.)

Becker Vineyard Viognier (Buy it here or at your local store.)

Landon Winery Tempranillo (Read about it here or buy it here. Here they have a special offer and more information about how they are celebrating the GOTEXAN Twitter Tuesday.

To chat with Cliff, follow him on Twitter @BinghamVineyard and use the hashtag #GOTEXAN.  Also, follow the wineries: @DuchmanWinery@BeckerVineyards, and @LandonWinery. And of course you should follow @GO_TEXAN

Everyone will also be talking about new varieties to the High Plains such as Vermentino, Dolcetto, Montepulciano, and Aglianico.

If you’re new to Twitter, here’s how you participate:

  1. Just sign up for a free Twitter account at
  2. Go to the Tweetchat room set up for Texas Twitter Tuesdays: Participants are invited to follow the tweet discussions, add comments, share thoughts, and retweet to their followers
  3. You can also use the Twitter tool of your choice like Tweet Deck or another app on your computer or your phone. Just remember that we are using the hashtag #GOTEXAN and search for #GOTEXAN to follow the Twitters from all of those involved.

We’ll get Clint, my son, to tweet some, too: @TexasVineGuy

We’ll be looking for your tweets on Tuesday night.







Duchman Family Winery Trebbiano

Wow, I have been so lazzzzy lately. I haven’t been keeping you guys up to date on what is going on here. Instead I have been doing routine stuff like washing clothes, reading to children, teaching them how to find the area of a circle, painting pictures with creative little ones, looking at paintings of Monet, helping start a non-profit organization, cleaning house, driving children to music lessons, getting business books in order, giving spelling tests, discussing 20th century history, getting the Nook app downloaded to my new phone, buying coats for children considering it was soooo cold here lately, …

Oh, yes, and eating dinner at with Neal & Janice at their Rockn’ N B&B. You can’t be too busy to spend time with friends. Isn’t that just beautiful? Tonight was a wonderful evening there.

But – I was suddenly motivated today when I read about yet another great restaurant that is adding not only Texas wine to their wine list but wine made from grapes from Bingham Family Vineyards. If you live close to Houston, you should check out Dolce Vita Pizzeria Enoteca and have a glass of Duchman Family Winery Trebbiano while you are there.

They serve Italian wines, so the Trebbiano is a natural. And if you don’t live close to Houston you can check out the Duchman Family Winery to order some Trebbiano. Duchman also has our Viognier, Vermentino, and you cannot forget their double gold medal winner at the San Francisco International Wine Competition, 2008 Dolcetto. We really liked growing that Dolcetto grape.



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