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2020 Rodeo Uncorked! Media Day | Texas Wine Lover

Thank you, Jerry, for attending the media day and for helping to promote great Texas Wine.

You can read his whole article on the Texas Wine Lover web site. But here are a few quotes…

Jerry attended the 2020 Rodeo Uncorked! Media Day


“Among those top awards are the Top Texas Wine title that went to the aforementioned Bingham Family Dugout Red, along with the George Bush Presidential Library Foundation Award.

The Top Texas Wine Company, and recipient of the Texas Department of Agriculture Commissioner’s Award, was Becker Vineyards.”




Jerry attended the 2020 Rodeo Uncorked! Media Day

Source: 2020 Rodeo Uncorked! Media Day | Texas Wine Lover

You can rest assured with Bingham wine knowing where 100% of the grapes were grown and 100% of the wine was produced.


Some Ideas for Social Isolation During a Pandemic

Some Ideas for Social Isolation During a Pandemic


You probably all have heard that Texas has joined other states across the country in ordering the closure of all schools, gyms, and restaurants. Restaurants as well as tasting rooms such as ours are still allowed to serve take-out food or curbside service.

Gov. Greg Abbott has asked us to avoid social gathering of more than ten people. These times are hard to for most of us to become accustomed to.

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Best Texas Wine – 2020 Houston Rodeo Uncorked Wine Competition

Best Texas Wine – 2020 Houston Rodeo Uncorked! Wine Competition, 2017 Dugout

We were excited to let you know the good news when we heard last November that we were humbled to learn that we had won Best Texas Wine in the 2020 Houston Rodeo Uncorked! International Wine Competition. You can read the post here where we listed all of our winners including two double gold medals, four gold medals, ten silver medals, and two bronze medals. Of those there were three Class Champions, one Reserve Class Champion, four Texas Class Champions, and four Texas Reserve Class Champions.

We are so proud of the hard work that our vineyard workers and winery staff had done with these wines. With Bingham Family Vineyards wines you always know that 100% of the grapes were grown and the wine produced by us for your enjoyment.

Bingham Family Vineyards 2018 Fine ‘n Dandy

Wine of the Week: Estate 2018 Fine ‘n Dandy

and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Enjoy a glass with your Sweetheart this Valentine’s Day!

Our estate 2018 Fine ‘n Dandy is a nouveau style wine, oaked for just a couple of months to give the wine a fresh and fruit forward taste. It is a sweet wine great for sipping with barbecue chicken and cookout fare of hot dogs and hamburgers. Enjoy it with your chocolate desserts as well. Serve slightly chilled.

Eddie Bingham, the grandfather of the family, was dearly loved and respected by all. His favorite wine was a sweet red like this wine. We dedicate this wine to “Dandy”.

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Winery Work – February 2020

Cleaning in the Winery




Harvest time can be romatic and bottling time can be fascinating, but in the in between time there is a lot of cleaning. One of the most important parts of making great wine for you to enjoy is sanitation. So, that is what has been going on in the winery lately.



Here is our winemaker son, Daniel, cleaning the machines that are used to filter the wines.



Old filters are tossed and everything washed and sanitized.



Then there is the silent work going on over in the corner. The wine barrel aging. Most of our red wines are aged in oak for at least 18 months, most for 24 months, and our reserver red wines for 36 months.

I am still looking forward to bottling with labels, bottles, and corks coming in. But for now getting everything clean and in order is best.


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