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Our Journey...

2019 San Antonio Rodeo

The San Antonio Rodeo has always been an great event to attend with all of it many and varied activities. This year with the wine garden there was even more activities. Such as the wine seminar today with two sessions at 1:30 pm and again at 3:30 with Bingham Family Vineyards wines and food from Pruski’s Meat Market. What a fun day it was.

Our winemaker (and son) Daniel Bingham was there to show that as a recipient of a S.A.L.E. scholarship from the San Antonio Livestock and Rodeo and a graduate of Texas Tech University Agriculture program, even a country boy can learn to make great wine.

It certain helps that his family has been growing great grapes for fifteen year, but we are all proud of our son Daniel Bingham and his sister Marissa Bingham. Both took viticulture and enology classes at TTU and are now using that knowledge at our family winery to make award winning wines.

Steven Kruger, our tasting room manager at our Fredericksburg location, was there, also. He is a great educator for our customers that want to learn more about 100% Texas grown grapes and wine and wine in general.

There were seventy-five people at the 1:30 pm session and ninety people at the 3:30 pm session. Thanks to everyone that came out to support our team!

All of us back at the farm are working to grow great wine for all to enjoy 100% Texas grown wine. You always know when drinking Bingham wine that it is 100% Texas grown grapes because we grown them ourselves.

So on your way home from the Rodeo, consider coming by our Fredericksburg Tasting Room.

Or better yet make a reservation HERE so that we can save a place for you and be ready to give you the best experience.



2019 Houston Rodeo Uncorked! Wine Competition Medal Winners

Last night was the 2019 Houston Livestock and Rodeo Best Bites Competition. Clint & Alexis were there to serve our Texas Class Champion winning wines: 2016 Dugout, 2017 Gewürztraminer, and 2016 Petit Verdot. Something for everyone a red Cabernet Sauvignon wine blend, a semi-sweet spicy white wine, and deep red varietal wine.

The event was a spectacular celebration of great food and wine.

You can read more about the food winners from the Houston Food Finder article here.

Here is a full line up of our winning wines from the Houston Rodeo Uncorked! International Wine Competition.

2019 Houston Rodeo Uncorked International Wine Competition
13 awards, 3 Texas Class Champions

2019 Houston Livestock & Rodeo medal winning wines for Bingham Family Vineyards

2016 Dugout, Gold, Texas Class Champion
(New-World Red Bordeaux Blend and Meritage ($13-$35))
2017 Gewürztraminer, Silver, Texas Class Champion
(Dry and Semi-Dry/0-4% RS; ($6-$20)) 
2016 Petit Verdot, Silver, Texas Class Champion
(Petit Verdot up to $40)
2014 Reserve Merlot, Gold
(Merlot and Merlot based Blends ($40-$75))
2016 Merlot, Gold
(Merlot and Merlot based Blends ($40-$75))
2016 Dolcetto, Gold
(New World Red Italian Varietals and Blends ($16-$35))
2016 Dirt Farmer, Silver
(New World Tempranillo and Blends ($30 – $100))
2017 Roussanne, Silver
(Rhone-Style White Varietals and Blends ($14- $25))
2014 Reserve Tempranillo, Silver
(New World Tempranillo & Blends ($30 – $100))
2016 Tempranillo, Silver
(New World Tempranillo and Blends ($30 – $100))
2017 Turnrow, Silver
(New World Tempranillo and Blends ($14 – $29))
2015 Cabernet Sauvignon, Bronze
(Cabernet Sauvignon ($30-$39))
2016 Carignan, Bronze
(Other Red Wine Blends ($21-$35))

This isn’t the first year that our wines have shone at the Houston Rodeo Uncorked Competition. Our buckles and medals for 2019 have not yet arrived, but here are our medals and buckles from the 2017 competition.

Daniel Bingham and Marissa Bingham have been doing a wonderful job as young and upcoming winemakers. Let us give them a cheer and some encouragment by coming to one of our tasting rooms to try some of their award winning wines.

We now take reservations on line to make your experience more personalized at our Grapevine and our Fredericksburg tasting rooms.


San Antonio ~ Best Texas Wine 2019

When the San Antonio Livestock & Rodeo scholarship people found out that one of their recent scholarship recipents had made a wine that won the 2019 Best Texas Wine, they wanted to come visit. They recently visited our new Fredericksburg tasting room.

Daniel Bingham had received a S.A.L.E scholarship while attending Texas Tech University. Now he is making award winning wines as you will hear in this interview on KSAT San Antonio TV.

You can check out all of KSAT’s reports about the 2019 San Antonio Livestock & Rodeo here.

Here is the belt buckle that we won for our 2016 Dugout winning a double gold medal and “Best Texas Wine”.

2016 Dugout

It is exciting when your hard work pays off.

The Bingham Farm & Family Crew

Daniel gets a lot of help from his fellow winemaker and sister Marissa. And from the Dirt Farmer who heads up growing the grapes. But the whole crew, here at Meadow, Texas, is important for us to bring you the best wine made with the best 100% Texas grown grapes.

Come out and enjoy this award winning wine at one of our tasting rooms or order some online here.


Grapevine Winter Wine Club Dinner 2019

It is that time of year again…

Tickets are now available for our Grapevine wine club member dinner on Friday, January 4th, 2019.

Live music from the Bingham family band, a four course wine paired meal, and an opportunity to hear more about our story. 

Lancaster Room, Palace Arts Center
300 S Main St, Grapevine, TX 76051

Appetizers will begin at 6:00 pm followed by a meal of catered by our friends from Mason & Dixie with all dishes prepared from scratch in their kitchen using the freshest ingredients.

Last year’s event was such a success that we are doing it again!

Last year there was music and appetizers.

read more…

Yes, our new tasting bar is now functional as well as spectacular!

We are here and ready to give you a wonderful experience exploring Texas grown wine with our 100% estate wines. Not only is a tasting room spectacular, but you will have the confidence that you are exploring 100% Texas grown and produced wines. True, not all wineries in Fredericksburg are Texas wine and that is good for our customers that want to explore wines from different regions. But you can rest assured while tasting our award winning wines that they were all made with grapes that we grew and vented at our own winery.

Come taste the fruits of our labors at our Grapevine or Fredericksburg locations. 

Consider becoming a member because some of our new release wines are limited and will be available only for our wine club members.