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Texas wine made with organically grown grapes

This Viognier is made from grapes from our vineyard by Cap*Rock Winery (http://www.caprockwinery.com/html/wines.htm)

This wine has a floral nose with strong honeysuckle accents. It has a slightly sweet taste on the pallet, but finishes dry. It makes a nice pair with spicy food, but also is perfect for sipping by the pool. This is the first wine produced in Texas labeled as “made from organic grapes.” This is a single vineyard wine from Bingham Family Vineyards.

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An alternative ending for The Polar Express movie

In the big town near us there is a real train that does Christmas rides that go along with the movie “The Polar Express.” This got me interested, so I watched the movie. It was alright, but to be really honest – I was rather let down by the movie. I – thought – I knew how it was going to end. I just knew it would end a certain way, but – it didn’t.

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Becker Cabernet Franc Reserve 2008

Becker Vineyards

This Cabernet Franc is made with grapes from our vineyard and from Cooper Vineyards in the Texas High Plains. The wine was aged 1 year in new American White Oak barrels. slight floral notes, truffles, mushrooms, and ripe raspberries…delicious!

And no, I didn’t write the description. I just copy them from Becker’s web site, but I do love the taste no matter how you describe it. My descriptions just aren’t quite so poetic. 


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