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Tempranillo, Viognier, and Viognier

A few days ago I showed you pictures of replants of a patch of 2nd leaf Tempranillo. Only one picture showed some 3rd leaf Tempranillo in the distance. Here are some pictures closer up so that you can see the nice crop load. 


David from Pedernales Cellars came down last week to see how the vines and grapes were coming along. Perdernales Cellars has a very beautiful site for their tasting room and a very interesting underground area for their winery in the Hill Country.

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New use for our hot wire fences

We are down to desperate measures… I have replanted one of my flower beds more times this spring than I would like to count. It has been so dry this spring and so hard to get anything growing. And then … the dogs. Our two dogs just love to dig nice holes in the ground and lie down comfortably in it for a nice rest in the cool dirt. They just don’t realize that in doing so they are digging up my Lantanas and my Vincas. So we finally did this:


Watering in the replants

Watering in the Replants

My Honey asked me, if I was going to take pictures, “why” was I taking pictures of “these” plants. The other side of the vineyard looks beautiful – this side is the “weak” side. But – – I wanted to take pictures where they were currently working. So here goes.

Today in the vineyard … we were watering up the replants of Tempranillo. By replants I mean that last spring we planted five acres of Tempranillo here, but some of them died over the winter. So, we bought 5,000 more plants and are replanting the ones that died. I love that word “we.” Of course all “I” was really doing was taking pictures.

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