The Binghams

We are just a very ordinary family with eleven children, who homeschool, play music, love art, love life, and want to take care of God’s earth. We grow organic cotton, organic peanuts, and other organic rows crops to feed and cloth others; as well as growing wine grapes to make the heart merry.

Photo credit to Artie Limmer


If you want more information here goes:

Cliff Bingham was born in Meadow, Texas, where he resides today and cultivates 2,500 acres of organic row crops. He is a fourth-generation farmer who has grown organic cotton, black-eyed peas, guar, peanuts, sesame, soybeans, sunflowers and wheat. These crops are all grown organically, certified by Texas Department of Agriculture. Cliff also now cares for grapes in our family’s vineyards which aren’t certified organic, but we try to keep many of the same practices in the vineyards. Cliff farmed with his father, Eddie Bingham, until his father death. His father has farmed in the same area for the over 60 years.

Betty, Cliff’s wife (that’s me), was raised in Andrews, Texas. Cliff and I met at Texas Tech University, where we both earned degrees and then went directly into farming and life. We both see caring for our farm and vineyards as an intense joint venture requiring not only both of us, but many of our eleven children and more full-time and part-time employees.

We planted their first grapes in December of 2003 on five acres. We now own or manage 200 acres of vineyards.

Our oldest son, Clint Bingham, worked in our vineyard and winery for several years. He helped design our new winery. He now has his own business remodeling homes in Lubbock. He has a lovely wife, Alexis, and a son, William. Their family is expecting a new addition at the beginning of next year. Growing up Clint played the viola, and now play the guitar at times.

Our oldest daughter, Jessica, along with her husband, Tyler Oswald, have their own vineyard about ten miles away from our own which we helped financially to establish. Tyler and Jessica have four children, Olivia, Jason, Piper, and Zoe. Jessica played the violin, but now her little ones keep her quite busy. They are currently considering overseas missions work.

Our second oldest son, Kyle, worked in our vineyards and our tasting room in Grapevine. He now has a business in Grapevine, Texas doing concrete refinishing. Kyle is married to lovely Gracie. They have one son, Jack. Kyle still plays the guitar with us as he is available.

Marissa is currently finishing classes at Texas Tech University in Lubbock studying music and enology. She is our winery manager and also coordinates our harvest planning with our wineries as well as sales of our bulk wine. She plans to continue with that work as well as helping make wine at the winery, helping in our tasting rooms, teaching cello lessons, and continuing to play lovely music herself on her cello and banjo.

Blake works with our software, inventory, and building maintenance. His wife Catherine also helps with our inventory and software. They both are essential components in charge of our harvest crews, as well as coordinating harvest data on sales to the twenty to twenty-five wineries each year that we sell grapes and juice to at harvest time. Blake plays the upright bass.

Daniel graduated from Texas Tech University with an agricultural degree studying viticulture and enology. He now works with our other winemaker, Manuel Lechuga making wine. He plays his viola, but plays his harmonica when the family kicks out the fiddle music.

Savannah is a senior attending Texas Tech University studying violin performance. She loves classical music, but can also play a mean “Orange Blossom Special”. She preforms with the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra as well as the Texas Tech Symphony. Emilee is a sophomore, also attending TTU and plays violin in the Texas Tech Symphony.

Our other children, Nathan, Sierra, and Brianna, study music on stringed instruments and the piano. They also like to play on their home school tennis team as well as help in the vineyards.


Married for 35 years, Cliff still loves to play the piano, Betty enjoys singing, and their children share their musical talents with musical styles ranging from classical to fiddle music.  They attend Providence Presbyterian Church in Lubbock, Texas.




  1. Kristi Greene

    So I sat down Saturday night to watch the Olympics and read my Texas Coop Power magazine. I had noticed the farmer on the front cover & looked forward to getting to the story about him. When I finally did, the first thing I read was the caption on the first photo, “As harvest time nears, Cliff Bingham rigorously inspects his grapes.”…Cliff Binghem…Cliff Bingham…hmmmm…why is that name familiar?….CLIFF BINGHAM!!! PAUL! THIS IS MY COUSIN CLIFF BINGHAM. HE’S ON THE COVER OF THE TEXAS COOP POWER MAGAZINE AND THERE’S A WHOLE ARTICLE ABOUT HIS FARM AND HIS FAMILY IN THE MAGAZINE!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS! That was the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while and really enjoyed reading the article and going to your website. Way to represent the fam! We’re very proud and will be telling all our frineds : ].

  2. R.K. Miller

    Enjoyed your presentation last night at the Wine Course(OLLI).

    Have you any plans to grow Riesling? — I realize the summers and summer nights are probably too hot for that, but see that you are raising Gewürztraminer. Are the Gewürztraminer grapes being used for a full Gewürztraminer wine? If so, I would like to know who is bottling it.

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