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Winery Work – February 2020

Cleaning in the Winery




Harvest time can be romatic and bottling time can be fascinating, but in the in between time there is a lot of cleaning. One of the most important parts of making great wine for you to enjoy is sanitation. So, that is what has been going on in the winery lately.



Here is our winemaker son, Daniel, cleaning the machines that are used to filter the wines.



Old filters are tossed and everything washed and sanitized.



Then there is the silent work going on over in the corner. The wine barrel aging. Most of our red wines are aged in oak for at least 18 months, most for 24 months, and our reserver red wines for 36 months.

I am still looking forward to bottling with labels, bottles, and corks coming in. But for now getting everything clean and in order is best.


The 10 Best Wineries In Texas (2019) | The Sip

When you think of delicious and delectable wine, places like Napa Valley, France, or Italy probably come to mind. But did you know that some of the best wine in the world is grown on Texas soil?

Source: The 10 Best Wineries In Texas (2019) | The Sip

Here is a list of 10 great wineries that you may want to visit. We are please that we made the list.

Please read the article for some great reporting on some really good wineries.


100% Texas Grown Wine

At times it is hard to know where the wine that you drink was grown and crafted. Our 100% Texas grown grapes reassure you that you are exploring and enjoying the true taste of Texas wine and the jewel of the Texas High Plains. 

If you see Texas on the front label of your bottle of wine, you may be getting only 75% Texas grown fruit, but if you see 100% Texas Grown on the label you can rest assured.



The Texas grape growers are working diligently out in the fields to bring you quality wine. Support them by buy great award winning wines that assure you that they are made with 100% Texas grown grapes.





Meadow Wine Club Dinner 2019

We had a wonderful time with our club members again at our Meadow Wine Club Member Dinner last Saturday at our Meadow vineyards and winery.

We started with a tour of our winery. With our wine maker, Daniel Bingham, explaining our equipment both outside and inside the winery.


On to the new expanded bottling room. We inclosed an overhang that we used to use when our Pellenc, the grape destemmer, was a separate unit from our harvester to double the space that we had before for a bottling room. Now our destemmer is on our grape harvester machine.


We did not get to see it run Saturday night because one part needs to be fixed, but it was up and running to finish out our bottling of our 2017 Dirt Farmer.

You can also see it running here.

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