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Texas High Plains Winegrowers Video

When you ask yourself where the grapes were grown in the wine that you are drinking, read the label to give you information. This video produced by High Plains Winegrowers has Bree Nelson explain to consumers how to read a wine label to see what percent of Texas grapes are in your wine. One way to tell is to look for “Texas High Plains” as the AVA (American Viticultural Area) on the label. That will let you know that at least 85% of the grapes in this bottle are grown in the High Plains of Texas.

 If you want to make sure that 100% of the grapes in the bottle are Texas grown just buy Bingham Family Vineyards wines which proudly state on our label that they are 100% Texas grown. 

So enjoy your wine, and enjoy knowing where the grapes were grown as you explore new wines and new varietal wines.


On the eve of the industry’s Texas Wine & Grape Growers Association Annual Conference – we’re eager to share this tid bit with you & the rest of the world.
Choosing Texas wine is a wonderful decision. Choosing a #TexasHighPlains grown wine is an intelligent one. #GenerationalFarmers #PremiumGrowingRegion
We are the Foundation of Texas Wine.
Special thanks to HPWA Board Member, Soleado Vineyards own lovely & talented Bree Nelson with AgTexas Farm Credit Services.
And of course our friends at Market Street

Posted by High Plains Winegrowers on Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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2015 Cabernet Franc – New Release

Wine of the Month for December

Enjoy celebrating the holidays with our new release, 2015 Cabernet Franc. Our 2015 Cabernet Franc recently won a silver at the 2017 Texas International Wine Competition. This vintage is typical of Cabernet Franc- medium bodied, savory, dry, spicy finish.

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Vote for 2017 Best of Lubbock – Best Local Winery

A shout out to all of our friends! Lubbock Avalanche Journal is hosting their annual “Best of Lubbock” contest.

If you would like to be confident in your vote for the “Best Local Winery”, then consider voting for Bingham Family Vineyards!
Click “Shopping and Entertainment”, run down the alphabetical list to “Local Winery”, and type in “Bingham Family Vineyards”.

Vote for Best Local Winery!

Our first vineyard was planted in the fall of 2003 with Viognier! We were the first winery to open in Meadow, Texas just a short drive from Lubbock.

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Release of 2014 Cabernet Franc

If you are a Cabernet Franc fan, or a red wine fan, a Texas grown and produced wine fan, or just a wine fan in general, you will be excited to know that on December 1st, 2016, we will be releasing our 2014 Cabernet Franc!


This wine has been aged for 18 months in oak. It has since been cellaring for optimal taste for you. We have been patiently waiting, but now it is ready. It will improve and age well with time, so buy more than one bottle now while you can. Our 2014 Petit Verdot was sold out in just a few months after it release. Enjoy one now and save one for later. Or better yet, buy a whole case, so that you can enjoy it and share it with friends.

Smoky aromas with jammy fruit, blackberry, and boysenberry with hints of cedar and eucalyptus. The flavors are big and rich with fruity red cherry and blackberry, smoky and oaky with minerals in the background, and cedar flavors in the finish.

See this wine and all of our reds as well as white wines that are all 100% grown and produced by us at our tasting room in Grapevine, our winery in Meadow, or on-line for your convenience. Check out our “Visit Us” link at the top of this page or just click here.



Our vineyard and winery crew celebrates and our 2017 San Antonio Rodeo medal winners

Our vineyard, winery, and farm crew got together last night for a mid-harvest celebration. Most of our full time crew was able to come with their families to celebrate. Grape harvest and peanut harvest are over. Cotton harvest is still to come. Looks like there will be a freeze this weekend to help get the cotton plants ready to harvest the cotton fiber.


We didn’t know it at the time, but we should have also been celebrating our awards that we won at the 2017 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Wine Competition! Our 2015 Viognier won a gold and our 2014 Dolcetto won best in class. Our 2014 Dirt Farmer won a silver medal while our 2014 Cabernet Franc, 2015 Trebbiano, 2014 Chardonnay, and Short Rows won bronze. We won seven awards in all which is quite a few for a Texas winery.

Big thanks to our whole crew who make it possible for us to make our 100% estate grown, produced, and bottled wines. These are the people who work in the fields to bring you not only our award winning wines but provide grapes to over 25 other wineries around the state of Texas so that they can make even more great wines for you to enjoy.





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