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we love growing grapes for wineries all over the wonderful state of Texas!

2012 Viognier at Lewis Winery Reviewed

This wine is an expression of what Viognier should be like when it is picked early and not overly processed to allow the fruit to shine; and it does very well.

Daniel Kelada, Wine Writer, Founding Director of the Texas Wine Journal

Daniel Kaleda has a detailed review of this wine at Texas Wine & Trail. We love the cooperative work that we do with Texas wineries. We also enjoy working with a young winemaker as talented, energetic, and as willing to learn as Doug at Lewis Wines is.

Lewis Winery is a winery that you will want to be on your list next time you visit the Texas Hill County. Wine Enthusiast Magazine has included it in their list of the top 10 wine destinations in the world. That is quite an honor. But we know that for ourselves; we love visiting there. The people, the history, the wines, and the “green” and the “trees”. It is hard to believe sometimes that there really are areas of Texas with that many trees.




Tempranillo grapes

Palate Press and David Furer have an interesting article on Tempranillo grapes. Bingham Family Vineyards & Farm has 30 acres of Tempranillo.

20 acres are in full production and 10 more are in 3rd leaf for the 2013 harvest. We sell Tempranillo grapes to Landon WineryBecker VineyardsTara Vineyard and WineryHilmy CellarsPedernales CellarsLost Oak Winery, and Messina Hof. Some are sold to smaller wineries also. You can check the tab at the top of the page that says “Grapes to Wines” to see other wineries that we sell other grapes to and find a link to their websites.

As Cliff is quoted in the article, Tempranillo is an interesting grape that wineries will request at different crop loads depending on what kind of wine they want to make it into. All are good, just different in style and for different occasions.

That’s our job, to please the winery and consequently to please the Texas Wine drinker.



First International Albarino Day, August 4, 2012

TAPAS is announcing the first International Albarino Day, a celebration of the Albarino grape. If you want to celebrate, run down to McPherson Cellars in Lubbock or 4.0 Cellars in Fredericksburg and pick up a bottle of their award winning Albarino wine. It was made from grapes from Cliff’s cousin’s vineyard in Brownfield.
Castano Prado is an eight acre vineyard owned and operated by Tere Caswell and Tom and Linda Hesse.

When we were down at 4.0 Cellars a month or so ago, the Albarino was the wine of the week. Wow, look at that great price.

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