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we love growing grapes for wineries all over the wonderful state of Texas!

Landon Winery Tempranillo 2008

There are new wines to show you! I really like doing this, but well – well I have lots of things to do, and even if one of my favorite things to do is running down to wineries and tasting the wine that they have made with our grapes  – well I just don’t get to do that very often. But here is one I really need to show you.

Landon Winery Tempranillo 2008

These photos will seem very strange to my friends who have seen my backyard lately. Everything is currently dead as a door nail. I was going to show you a picture, but you really don’t want to see a picture. But these pictures were taken last summer when we received a preview bottle of Landon Wineries 2008 Tempranillo. But now it is really, really ready.
Russ Kane has an interesting review of this wine at his site here. Here is a really cool YouTube movie of the harvest and wine making process in action from Landon Winery that I found on Russ’s site. I can hear My Honey in the background at the beginning of the video. If you are interested in Texas wine, you really should check up frequently on Russ’s blog because he has great updates on whatever is going on with Texas wine. I think he gets out of the house a little more freqently than I do.

Landon Winery

I am about to put up a post about a wine made by Landon Winerythat they made with our Texas grapes, but between start and finish of that note, we got to visit Landon Winery in the historic downtown of McKinney, Texas. They also have a new location in historic downtown Greenville, Texas. If you go to their web site, there is a cool picture looking down from above on their winery. Here is the picture I took. Notice the line of people crossing the crosswalk to go to their winery. That’s just “us.” We had quite a few in our group that day.

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