Harvest this Morning and a HUGE Trebbiano Cluster

Well, we have been up since before 4:00 am this morning. “Some” people at our vineyard are actually out at the vineyard harvesting. “Some” people are sitting in front of their computers. This is just a fun post, but later this morning I thought I would try to get some harvest shots to share with you.


Yesterday evening as everyone was getting machinery, bins, forklifts, scales, etc. ready and organized for this morning’s harvest, My Honey, took me out to the vineyard to show me this HUGE cluster of grapes that he had found that day. He said that he thought it was one of the largest that we have ever grown. Even Bobby Cox thought it was really large. So, I thought I would share it with you.


I love those hands. So gentle, and yet so strong. Oh, yea, back to the subject at hand, … not “hands,” right!

These grapes are Trebbiano.  Trebbiano (treh-bee-AH-noh or treb-BYAH-noh) grapes are an Italian white grape. “Estimates indicate that Trebbiano produces more wine than any other variety in the world even though the Airen is planted on more acreage. … Originating in central Italy, Trebbiano spread throughout that country and across the border to become France’s most important white variety as well.” quote from Wine Lover’s Companion by Ron Herbst and Sharon Tyler Herbst.

Hmm, that is interesting. We are growing one of the more planted grape varieties, Trebbiano, and one of the least planted, Viognier. We just have to keep planting whatever grows best in Texas.


These grapes are going to Mandola Estate Winery which has some really good wines right now with our grapes from last year’s crop. (Update from 2020, this winery is now Duchman Family Winery which still makes great wines.) You can click the link to see their beautiful winery and restaurant, Trattoria Lisina, but don’t bother looking at their wine list on the web. It is quite out of date. But, hey, don’t blame them. They have been very, very busy making some really great wines. They currently have 2008 Vermentino (ver-mehn-Tee-noh), 2008 Viognier (vee-oh-NYAY), and 2008 Dolcetto (dohl-cheht-oh, or Dol-cheht-uh) made from our grapes. And yes, they have some other really great wines, also. You’ll have to go there and experience the whole event. And then, – take home a case of wine with you. Or call them up and see if you can order some over the phone.


This definitely looks like a Texas sized cluster to me.

Ohh, I can’t wait to try the 2009 Trebbiano! Or maybe it will be blended in with some other varieties for a nice treat.

These are the rows that they are harvesting, as I type. Except that it is very, very dark outside. They are also harveting Dolcetto and Vermentino grapes for Mandola Winery.


While I was out at the vineyard, I couldn’t help but take a few pictures of these Tempranillo grapes.


The vines are really quite loaded, aren’t they.


I can’t wait to taste the Tempranillo wine that the wineries make out of these grapes. But more on that later. I think I may hop back in bed for a little more sleep before we take breakfast out to the harvesters at 7:00 am or so. On second thought it is already 6:00, so I had better get breakfast started.


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