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Texas Wineries Get Smart: Tourism and TEX-MED Wines – Prime Women | An Online Magazine

With the Texas state population at 28.3 million people and a growing list of Texas wineries, several winery trends are happening to draw in the Texas wine drinkers to the new wave of state-made wines. Three award-winning Texas wineries are making the most of co-locating their tasting rooms near major urban centers.

Source: Texas Wineries Get Smart: Tourism and TEX-MED Wines – Prime Women | An Online Magazine

Bingham Wine coming to Fredericksburg

As we prepare for our harvest of Texas High Plains grapes, we are hopeful for yet another bountiful harvest. As we continue to supply quality grapes to many wineries around the state, we will also be able to expand our own wine label production and sales to you our friends.

To accomplish getting our wine to more of our friends, we are teaming up with Yee Haw Ranch Outfitters to bring our tasting room experience to Fredericksburg on East 290!

We are currently in construction, but we hope to open our Fredericksburg tasting room later this summer. This side of the building will be our tasting room.

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Monthly Wine Club Wine is 2017 Vermentino, a new release

A new release for our monthly club members for April, 2017 Vermentino. This wine will also be included in our traditional club shipments that will go out in a few weeks. You don’t want to miss out on these new releases, so join the family today! You can do it at our tasting room, winery, or on-line HERE! Choose either our traditional shipments which are selected twice a year, or our monthly club where members enjoy wines every month.

Bingham Family Vineyards 2017 Vermentino

While we are busy running our vineyard heater to protect the vines for this years harvest, you can sit back and enjoy some of our new wines. This month we will be releasing our 2017 Vermentino, 2017 Roussanne, and a new varietal for us our semi-sweet 2017 Gewürztraminer.

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Easter and Signs of Spring

The signs of spring are upon us. Most of our later budding varieties of grapes are pruned and not budding out yet. But our early bud breaking Viognier is waking up. The Viognier buds below were photographed on March 31st, 2018. These buds are apical dominance buds which we are not as concerned about since they will be pruned in a few days.

But our friend Fritz is better at explaining pruning than I am. You can read more on his website here.

Because of the risk of a late spring freeze killing the buds, we do not encourage our vines to wake up early. If the buds are killed, no fruit will develop later in the summer.

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2017 Fine ‘n Dandy — New Release!

Our tribute to our beloved “Dandy”

It’s here, the new 2017 vintage of Fine ‘n Dandy, especially for our sweet wine lovers! This sweet red wine blend has the aroma of dark cherry and strawberry with a strong pomegranate flavor.

For those times that you are wanting a sweet red wine to sip on the patio or to enjoy with a rich chocolate dessert, we share with you our 2017 Fine ‘n Dandy.


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