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Our Journey...

A Cold Night on the High Plains

Last night temperatures got down to 32′ degrees in our Vineyards. There was hard freeze on the pickup. There was moisture on the vines, but only slight freeze on the vines and leaves.

This evening and in a few days we will know more about any damage.

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2016 Dirt Farmer for our April Wine Club

April is upon us; we are still hard at work pruning grapes vines. The vines are pushing, but we have no signs of bud break yet. Probably in a week or two, we will start seeing buds.

2016 Dirt Farmer

April is a great month to share a bottle of our 2016 Dirt Farmer with our club members. Our 2016 Dirt Farmer won a Silver medal at the 2019 Houston Rodeo Uncorked! International Wine Competition where we won 13 awards and 3 Texas Class Champions. 2016 Dirt Farmer was in a catagory with other New World Tempranillos and Blends in the $30 to $100 range. Our Dirt Farmer is value priced at $30.00.

Our 2016 Dirt Farmer is a blend of Tempranillo, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignon, and Petit Verdot.

There is a story for our Dirt Farmer. The French call it terroir. In Texas we call it dirt. Nurturing the soil, the farmer encourages healthy vines, producing fruit which becomes wonderful wine.

Dirt Farmer is named to celebrate the six generations of hard working men and women who have toiled in the High Plains of Texas. Agriculture is a way of life for the Bingham family- this red blend is one way we treat ourselves after a long day of work in the fields.

Treat yourself after your hard day’s work with a glass of our 2016 Dirt Farmer.

Dirt Farmer is the family favorite; we enjoy this blend with just about any meal. It is mildly spicy and slightly acidic, so beef and smoked pork will be the best pairings.

The colors are bright, not transparent and not opaque. With Red Delicious apple red hues, reminiscent of red jam with garnet notes. Smoke comes billowing out of the glass as the dominating aroma. It is an honest charred oak aroma. Underneath the smell of sweet fruit is detected, hinting at ripe red cherry. In a turnabout the flavors attack with rich, ripe red cherry, so juicy and mouthwatering. Followed by flavors of vanilla with the smoke cloud following. The charcoal smoke note carries into the long finish that tappers off with a tasty blackberry candy note.

Plan a visit to come taste our 2016 Dirt Farmer. Choose either our Grapevine tasting room or our Fredericksburg tasting room. If you are ever in the Lubbock area, call our Meadow winery to see about a tour and tasting.


2019 San Antonio Rodeo

The San Antonio Rodeo has always been an great event to attend with all of it many and varied activities. This year with the wine garden there was even more activities. Such as the wine seminar today with two sessions at 1:30 pm and again at 3:30 with Bingham Family Vineyards wines and food from Pruski’s Meat Market. What a fun day it was.

Our winemaker (and son) Daniel Bingham was there to show that as a recipient of a S.A.L.E. scholarship from the San Antonio Livestock and Rodeo and a graduate of Texas Tech University Agriculture program, even a country boy can learn to make great wine.

It certain helps that his family has been growing great grapes for fifteen year, but we are all proud of our son Daniel Bingham and his sister Marissa Bingham. Both took viticulture and enology classes at TTU and are now using that knowledge at our family winery to make award winning wines.

Steven Kruger, our tasting room manager at our Fredericksburg location, was there, also. He is a great educator for our customers that want to learn more about 100% Texas grown grapes and wine and wine in general.

There were seventy-five people at the 1:30 pm session and ninety people at the 3:30 pm session. Thanks to everyone that came out to support our team!

All of us back at the farm are working to grow great wine for all to enjoy 100% Texas grown wine. You always know when drinking Bingham wine that it is 100% Texas grown grapes because we grown them ourselves.

So on your way home from the Rodeo, consider coming by our Fredericksburg Tasting Room.

Or better yet make a reservation HERE so that we can save a place for you and be ready to give you the best experience.