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Trebbiano is Texas Monthly’s Wine of the Month

“This wine has a lovely brininess to it that makes it a great option for seafood like oysters, but it also has weight to it that makes it good for lighter cooked dishes as well like our scallop pozole because there’s also good fruit on the mid-palate, which is good for a dish with spicy qualities,” says June Rodil.
June Rodil was Food & Wine magazine’s Best Sommelier of the Year in 2014. Duchman-trebbiano Read more information about the wine here in the Texas Monthly article written by Jessica Dupuy or on the Duchman Family Winery web site.

Tasting Room in Grapevine, Texas

New Year’s news for Texas wine lovers is here. We began planting wine grapes on our Texas farm over ten years ago. We have been innovative in many areas of vineyard management including planting with GPS tractors, designing planting plows and t-post driving plows, and choosing varieties that do well on the High Plains of Texas. Our bountiful crops have been shared with over thirty different wineries across the state of Texas during those years.


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News for the New Year 2015

I bet that some of you have wondered where have the Binghams been! Well as Cliff likes to say, “We work hard, and we play hard.” At times it seems like we mostly work, but sometimes even the weather encourages play time. In January, we couldn’t pass the this winter wonderland of fun.


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