Plans for new barrel room at Bingham Family Vineyards

Spring is almost here. We are working in the vineyards getting the vines ready to wake up to make more wonderful 100% Texas estate wines for our friends to enjoy. But we also have a few new plans coming your way that we will be telling you more about in the next few weeks. One new dream is our new barrel room at the winery in Meadow, Texas. Let’s start with those plans first.

The new building at Meadow will be located next to the winery giving us more space for barrels and bottled wine storage, as well as room for a tasting room. As those of you who have been to our winery know, it is currently filled to capacity with tanks and barrels, producing great 100% Texas wine to share with you, but we need a little more room to move around in the winery to take the best care of those wines.

This new building will allow us to move the many barrels of wine that are currently aging at the winery to a space well designed for their care. Which will also give us more room at the winery to care for the grapes as they come in at harvest, as well as taking care of the wine in the tanks in the tank room.

But the new building will also include space for a tasting room. To accomplish this, first, we prepared the ground.

Then came setting up the framework with wood, metal, drains, and pipes for those drains. The holes in the ground here are for the drain lines, so that we can keep everything clean and sanitary in the barrel room to keep making premium wine for you to enjoy.

OK, maybe they did have to move those drain lines a few times to make sure that they were right. But it is better to make those changes now then later after the concrete has been poured.

When it was time to pour the concrete, we got just about everyone out there. There were our tractor drivers, the software person, the project coordinator, the vineyard operations people, the winemaker, and even the guy who serves wine for us at festivals. Of course you don’t see me out there, but then they didn’t buy me a pair of boots like they have.

Ah, the dreams for the future. An encouragement for the young and the old. How small our work is before the majesty of God and his creation, but we will continue to do our small part in His plan.

We have to keep those drains clear and protected.

We have some really great workers at our place, meticulous about the details and evening out the edges. Much thanks to them for their hard work and diligence.

We had four sons of our own working out there, and yes, they are a blessing. It will probably take three days or more to finish the pouring of the concrete. We had a wonderful rain this week which slowed down plans a little, but the rain of 1 to 2 inches on the farms was well worth that wait.

Yes, there is a lot of working going on at Meadow now, but we hope to finish soon to invite you all to come and visit for a while. Or come to Grapevine, Texas to our tasting room there is taste the fruits of our labor in our award-winning 100% Texas estate wines.



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