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2021 Texas Hemp Growers Association Field Day

Last Thursday was the 2021 Texas Hemp Growers Association’s Field Day with speakers concerned with many areas of hemp growing in Texas.

The Texas Hemp Growers Association exists to:

  • leverage producer influence on the emerging hemp industry in Texas from seed to sale
  • support the development of infrastructure, connecting growers to resources and markets
  • engage governments and businesses in the promotion of industrial hemp as a valuable resource.

There were tents outside and a few vendors to show us what you can do with hemp. Then we had some more discussions in the barrel room.

Organic Cotton Continues to Bloom

The hemp is growing well this year, and so is the organic cotton.

Yes, the beautiful High Plains sky and lovely cotton blossoms.


Compost for Organic Row Crops at Bingham Farm

Cliff, our Dirt Farmer, likes to get the compost out in the late summer before deep breaking the soil to incorporate the compost into the soil while also diminishing the amount of weeds and weed seeds in the ground.

Looks like piles of dirt, but it is an investment in the future.

Piles of compost at Bingham Organic Farm.

So, the big trucks have dumped off loads of compost from South Plain Compost on several of our farms. South Plains Compost also sells their quality compost to the public as Back to Nature. This is one of the fields that the compost has been delivered to.

Front loader with piles of compost along the crop rows at Bingham Organic Farms.

The frontend loader is needed to move the compost around and the compost spreaders below distribute it in the fields.

Compost spreaders at Bingham Organic Farms.

Compost is a mixture that consists largely of decayed organic matter and is used for fertilizing and conditioning land.

Close up photo of compost at Bingham Organic Farms.
Piles of compost at Bingham Organic Farm.

This will keep the tractors busy in the organic row crops. But vineyards and winery will soon be the busy place as harvest may begin today or very soon.

Looking forward to the future.


Hopes for Truffles on Bingham Organic Farm

I know what you are thinking? “What will the Bingham’s try next?” Yes, we grow grapes and make award winning wines, but we are farmer’s at heart. On our organic acres, we have grown various products: wheat, peanuts, guar, sesame seeds, blacked-eyed peas, colored cotton, and cotton. Hemp was the new kid on the block last year for us to grow. In February, we planted a new crop. What would go well with wine? Yes, truffles!

We planted 1,000 plants of hazelnut and Hollyoak trees which have been inoculated by dipping the roots into a big batch of black truffle puree, so that hopefully truffles will be colonized among their roots. These will be little trees since they will not be fruit bearing trees themselves.

Each tree has an underground line to it for water as needed. We have received above normal amounts of rain this year, but we are supplementing the natural rain with irrigation water.

The trees are getting a good start as they adjust to the High Plains of Texas.

Rows and rows of these trees. We don’t expect to find truffles for four or five years, but we will keep you updated on this new adventure for us.

Things are sure greening up on the farm.


Update on Hemp Growing at Bingham Organic Farms

Things are sure greening up on the farm. Especially the hemp. The hemp is doing well with all of the rain that we have been receiving.

Organic farming on our farms has been an almost overwhelming task this year considering the pattern of rains. Yes, we are thankful for the rains, but the plowing and hoeing needs are increased due to the weeds that the rains encourage as well.

If you want to learn more about the Texas hemp industry the Texas Hemp Growers Association is planning a hemp field day at our farm on August 26th, 2021. Read more about this event for farmers and agri-businesses on our calendar of events here, Texas Hemp Growers Association Hemp Field Day.

If you want to encourage an organic farmer, you can consider purchasing some of our CBD products at These products are made from the hemp that is grown on our farm in Meadow, Texas in Terry County.


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