planting vineyard at Bingham Family Vineyards in 2007


I am tantalizing you again with that picture. What in the world is that guy doing? Whose foot is that? Soon and very soon more “planting” pictures will come. But in the mean time…

I finally have gotten the information of “what kinds of grapes we grow” put online. See the tabs at the top of the page. I thought I would post here what we planted this past spring.

That would include 24 acres: 9 acres of Viognier, 5 acres Tempranillo, 5 acres Vermentino, and 5 acres Merlot.

Hmmm, does replanting 5 acres of Tempranillo count, and so raises the total planted for the year to 29? I think it should in terms of effort and work put out. Wow, the guys (and girls) worked really hard this year. This was to replace most of the 5 acres of Tempranillo that was planted in 2008 which died to “winter kill.” I’ll have to get a more accurate definition for you for that term from my Honey on that one. But it basically means the stuff that … get ready for this… died during the winter. Make sense?

We didn’t have to replace the underground drip tape, T-posts, and bamboo when we replanted, but it is still harder work to replant than the initial planting and much more discouraging. But that would really confuse things for our totals, so – I guess I’ll just have to leave them out.

So, I really do still plan to get some pictures of planting posted. I have some good pictures from 2007, then in 2008 I was in intensive care (so I didn’t take pictures that year planting), and I have some pictures from 2009.

Clint, Tyler, and Kyle have all worked really hard this year. But then all the children have worked hard to make everything work. I have to admit: I am very proud of them all. They aren’t perfect, but they are pretty perfect in my eyes. Maybe I should spend more time telling them that? That is definitely something I need to go work on!

Blessing, Betty

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