We have been so busy that I can’t remember which new toys that I have showed you  and which ones I haven’t. It seems as though we have been working on concrete for weeks. Remember this photo.


There was a little delay because of rain. Then back to work a few days later.


I was glad to see that at least these guys got to wear boots, but it might be fun to squish your toes in wet concrete. But then again, maybe not.


And new bins, too. Blue, so that people will remember to return them to the Binghams, so that we can fill them with more lovely High Plains grapes.


And more bins. They used two forklifts just to get the trucks unloaded.


And those tanks that I showed you in front of the barn are now at the winery.


See, doesn’t that look nice. So, exciting! I think that they still need to be moved somewhere else after this picture, but at least they are “unwrapped”.


And new barrels in the barrel room.

And a great last picture…


After sitting in the barn unused last year because they weren’t really needed since the crop was so small, these two presses and out and ready to run! Well, not really if you notice the wooden pieces holding them up. But they will get fastened in place and up and running today, God willing.


No, this will be the last picture that can beat them all. The beauty of God’s setting sun on the High Plains of Texas. Ahhh, and feeling very thankful that this is the end of the day, and time to rest. But now, I don’t know if I can sleep because I can’t wait to see them all run.

I did fall asleep after all. So this post is really from yesterday and days before. I’ll get it up really quick though, so that I can get back out there this morning to see what happens today.

The grapes will be ready very soon. We started testing samples of whole clusters of grapes instead of just single random berries on Monday and Tuesday. The brix results went down a little bit as they always do when changing the method of testing, but whole cluster testing will give us more accurate results. Allowing us to get the berries or juice to our winery customers closer to their individual preferences. Got to get going… see ya later.



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