We are putting in a bigger concrete base for harvest work to be done at the winery. This will give a larger area to move grapes around for proper cleaning and processing of grapes.

15.08.10_ _093-web

15.08.10_ _095-web

Welded wire mesh is used to reinforce the concrete. Once the concrete is dry, making sure that it covers the wire completely starves the steel of oxygen which will keep it from rusting.

15.08.10_ _102-web

We rented a cement buffering device to get it really smooth. Very hot day yesterday. The guys were working hard. Others were out taking grape samples.

15.08.10_ _097-web

And others like, Manuel, were doing grape sampling. Most of these beakers were from random berry samples taken from different rows and plots, thus the small colander is used. The larger, yet small device by the side door is used when we do cluster samples. Cluster samples, as the name suggests, uses larger amounts of grapes for the sampling. Cluster sample will start soon as we get closer to harvest which may be in a week to two weeks.



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