As we are celebrating our land of the free, because of the brave, let me introduce you to a new release from us. Our 2021 Reserve Trebbiano.

A bottle of Bingham Family Vineyards 2021 Reserve Trebbiano against a backdrop of red, white, and blue

This wine has a complex and intriguing intensity. The texture of the full body adds real depth to this wine. Hints of lemon, sour-fresh green fruits add a surprising intensity and length. The barrel aging lends a creaminess with hints of spice.

End cap of gold capsule on the top of a bottle of Bingham Family Vineyards wine with their logo

Sam Jennings, our head winemaker, tells us the story behind this wine. Bingham 2021 Reserve Trebbiano is a small batch, hand crafted, barrel aged white wine made exclusively for wine club members. Only two barrels were chosen and bottled for this wine club exclusive. This wine was fermented and aged for thirty months in French oak barrels on its lees.

The French call this practice “sur lies” or “bâtonnage”. The“lees”, as we refer to in winemaking, is composed of leftover yeast cells after fermentation has been completed. Normally for whites and reds we would remove or “rack” the wine off its “lees” and continue to filter the wine until bottling. With “Sur Lies” we ferment the wine in barrels and leave it on its lees for the entirety of its aging process. Every so often we open each barrel and stir up the lees, known as “bâtonnage”. This reintegration of the lees helps round and soften the wines, making them more rounded and full bodied.

This is truly a unique and special wine. Try this wine side-by-side with our traditional Trebbiano to experience the difference barrel “sur lies” fermentation presents. Our winemaker, Sam Jennings, recommends buying a few bottles and enjoying one now and setting the other aside for 2 to 5 years. This wine will continue to age beautifully for at least another 5-6 years.

Our 2021 reserve Trebbiano pairs with antipasta or seafood pasta in lemon butter sauce. You can also pair this wine with mild and creamy cheeses, including Brie, triple cream, and Monterey Jack. Pasta with buttery or brown butter sauces work very well with this wine as well. Chicken or fish in creamy or butter-based sauces are another good option.

With so much going for this exclusive wine, it is time for you to consider joining our wine club if you are not already. Our wine club is simple and designed just for your needs and desires. You choose the frequency of the shipments and when they are shipped or packaged for you. Best of all, you get to choose every bottle in your four bottle shipment. Of course you may want to add more bottles to your package to allow a few for gifts or for cellaring for later.

Four bottles of Bingham Family Vineyards wine against a backdrop of red, white, and blue

If you are not sure if this wine is for you, we have many options for you depending on your flavor preference. Use our new quiz, to find our wines best suited for you.


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