playa lake filled with water

The View from my Front Porch

Did you know? Our house is lake front property. At least some days of the year it is. Just ignore the weeds in the front yard. That’s what every organic farmer’s front yard looks like, right? It is kind of like the cobbler’s wife who doesn’t have any shoes. The fields don’t have weeds, but the yard does. Our yard seems to be the last ground that gets taken care of during the busy summer. But that’s OK, I am thankful that I even have a front yard today after the rains yesterday.

(And those weeds should be pretty easy to pull if I get some of the kiddos out there this afternoon.)

playa lake filled with water

There’s the road to our house on the right. That’s why My Honey and four of my children didn’t come home last night. They spent the night last night at my in-laws house three mile down the road. Thanks Grancy and Dandy!

Reminds me of a story that Grancy always tells about how the average yearly rainfall for our area is about 18 inches or so. Then she adds, “And I remember the day it came!”

dirt road flooded with water

Here’s our road under water. The rain was falling at a rate of 5 inches per hour part of yesterday. We have had over 13 ½ inches over the last three days. Just down the road three miles, where some of our adult kiddos live and where part of our vineyards and farms are, got over 15 inches! If you look at the weather station reports of rainfall on underground weather, you find this “white” spot (not red or purple, but white) on the graphs which depicts the areas that have received OVER 15 inches!

My Honey looked over the farms and vineyards this morning. He said that everything seems to look “OK” considering all the rain. Neither one of us slept very good last night though with all the rain. We just don’t sleep apart very good anyway.

My Honey drove up this morning through the muddy road on a tractor to give me a hug.

hedge in front of porch

I had just replanted some flowers in my front yard. I had let the original spring planting of flowers get a “little” too dry. The new plants look awful weepy after being flooded out. We’ll just have to wait to see how they do.

The only other sad part of today, this being the 4th of July, is that not only has the ending concert at the park of the “largest FREE festival” been moved indoors, but I won’t be there! I think Joe Ely and Matt Martindale and maybe even Richie McDonald are going to be there. But who really cares if I can’t be there!

The concert was great last year. This year it has been moved indoors from the original concert venue of Mackenzie Park at Lubbock, Texas to the Fair Park Coliseum at the Panhandle-South Plains Fairgrounds. We have one daughter playing as concert master in the 1st violins, a son playing 1st chair in the violas, a daughter playing in the cello section as an alumni, another son helping, and of course My Honey helping as well. But they even forgot the camera!

Hey, maybe we could just look at pictures from last year. I don’t think that idea is going to win over the little ones for the whole day though, so back to the drawing board. Maybe I’ll just go take a nap first.

Four children seated at dinner table.

Emilee helped me to make some special napkin holders.

Fork on a red napkin with a paper napkin holder with a white start.

We ended up having a special 4th of July meal. With a special treat of soda, since that is not in our usual diet. I had a wonderful time, not sure about the children. I think they would have rather been at the concert.


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