4th of July on Broadway Concert in the Park – 2009

So, how did you spend your 4th of July? We spent ours at Lubbock, Texas’ 4th on Broadway Concert in the Park. This free concert is held at Mackenzie park every year and  is part of the “largest free festival in Texas.” I bet most bloggers get their 4th of July post put up before the 13th or the 14 of the month, but I am still a little slow at this. I am really motivated to get it done today so that I can post about this “really” neat grape seminar that I went to this past weekend.

Now remember, this is a free concert, so lots of people stake out their seats early. Here is our group after I arrived in tow with four of our children and Grancy and Dandy (Cliff’s parents.)

But Cliff and most of the other children had been at the park since early morning. Hauled in sand bags and equipment needed for the stage setup, then they had practice with the rest of the Lubbock Youth Symphony Orchestra (LYSO), … then after lunch sometime they stacked out our seats and started saving them for us. They were pretty hot and tired and red, by the time I showed up. … Thanks for the seat though, kids.

It was really a pretty day. Needed those umbrellas for the sun, not for rain.

And here is my 4th of July hero.

The Dirt Farmer

They did bring the 5 gallons of ice water, ice chest of other drinks, and umbrellas. So, then I showed up with dinner. Notice all the “green” in the background of all these photos so far.

Now here are a couple of shots that show how the park really did start to fill up. There were 70,000 to 80,000 people at the concert last year. I never did hear how many were there this year.

Then the rain clouds came. Not that we, as farmers, would ever wish away the rain (unless it was right before grape harvest… hmmm, OK, maybe we are often pretty wishful when it comes to what we want in terms of the weather. But God controls that, so we have to learn to trust and be content. It was at this point that Cliff and some of the children had to run backstage to cover all the stands and equipment with black plastic, so they wouldn’t get rained on.

 So, at least with sunshine  or rain, the children had fun with the umbrellas. So, now what we were all waiting for — the music!

First the color guard and the national anthem. Then some more great music including Kenny Maines, The Cactus Kids, The Lubbock Texas Rhythm Machine. Then LYSO! (They were really the headliners weren’t they? Is that a parent talking, or what?)

LYSO played music including a piece from the Lord of the Rings.

Then David Gaschen showed up to help them out a little. Wow, could that guy sing! He was really, really good.

Richie McDonald showed up to help a little. He was really, really great, also. But then we have been blessed to get to hear him sing in the past. We still enjoy it every time!

Then some more patriotic music from LYSO choreographed to go with the fireworks extravaganza. It was beautiful as ever!


It was a fun, entertaining, and encouraging evening. Even with all it’s problems, I am truly thankful for the blessed country that I live in, and plan to help work on its shortcomings.


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