Vineyard Update for May 19, 2020

After the last vineyard update post, we all need something a little more encouraging, right?. So, I went over to Dandy’s vineyard to take photos of the Petit Verdot which looks wonderful as you will see below. If you remember, we had left some double canes on some of these vines to make sure that their would be enough buds and thus enough fruit. This photo was taken in April.

Looks a little like sloppy pruning, but it was all done with skill and thoughtfullness. We so appreciate our vineyard workers that are local, but are seasonal workers. We hope to be able to give them more seasonal work soon as we get our tasting rooms opened for sales again.

Yes, at our estate winery the money that you spend on wine at our tasting rooms comes all of the way down to pay our vineyards workers for their hard work.

Back to the present state of the same Petit Verdot as of yesterday, mid-may.

As you can see, these vines are now so healthy and fruitful that we need to get the vineyard crews out there to do some leaf pulling.


A bold and boisterous wine with a shorter finish will do well with roasted meats that have a pungent note, such Cuban style pork or even burgers with blue cheese.

Madeline Puckette
James Beard Award-winning author and Wine Communicator of the Year. I co-founded Wine Folly to help people learn about wine. @WineFolly

Not sure about the “shorter finish” part, but she does add that Petit Verdot “has shown promise as a single-varietal wine in warmer climates where it makes smooth full-bodied reds.” And yes, the Texas High Plains AVA is a warm climate. We also are enjoying the way it enhances our red wine blends.

Our 2017 Petit Verdot is currently limited to club members only in their club shipments.

But the 2018 and 2019 Petit Verdot is currently oak aging for future sales.

Our guests personally love our Petit Verdot, beautiful in color. In the first vintage year of our winery, our 2014 Petit Verdot was our first wine to sell out. 

Our club members are a valued part of our team, so we allow them three months to purchase our new varietal wine releases before the general public.

Our 2017 Petit Verdot was included in several of our traditional spring club packages as well as available for other clubs to add to their shipments. It will also be included in many of our traditional club packages in the fall. Now would be a good time to consider joining our wine club so that you too can receive our limited production wines such as the 2017 Petit Verdot. Which is also true of our 2017 Mourvedre, 2017 Carignan, and our 2017 Merlot.

Read more about our traditional wine clubs and choose the number of bottles that you would like to receive twice a year in shipments. Our Pioneer club is especially helpful for your personalization choices because you will be able to change out any of the 18 bottles that are preselected for you. Learn more about our traditional wine clubs here.

We pray that we may all pull out of this crisis to celebrate life!


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