Vineyard pre-pruner

Winter is still here and the vines are asleep, just as we want them to be. But the team is hard at work with a new pre-pruner. We have had one before, but now is the time get back into using one.

The rest of the farm is at rest as well. Waiting for spring to come with seed to be put into the ground.

plowed field ready to plant

Since there isn’t much to update about the farm, I went to the barn to see what the guys were putting together. There I found the new pre-pruner.

The ladies who work in the vineyards tending to the vines like the help of a large strong machine to come through and make the rough clean up of the vines. Then the vineyards crew can come through to do the fine tuning.

If they get it running, it will go to work tomorrow. The hard working vineyard workers will be out there as well, getting the vineyards ready for spring.


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