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Fighting Weeds in the Organic Cotton at Bingham Family Vineyards and Farm

Fighting Weeds in the Organic Cotton

This has not been an easy year for organic cotton.

First the year was dry making it hard to get a crop started in the fields, now there has been an abundance of rain. The rain is good for the cotton and the hemp, but it also encourages the weeds. We have been plowing the fields everyday that it is dry enough for a couple of weeks. Hoeing in the fields as well. The race is still on to see if it will be us or the weeds that win in many of our organic cotton fields.

This field looks better than most, but it shows you how the cotton is coming along.


Rain on the Farm and the Hemp

Rain on the Farm, the Vineyards, and the Hemp

The recent rains are benefiting our organic hemp crop.

Rain is an interesting conversation on the farm. Soon after the rains subside, the phone calls start. Those living on different parts of our farms call in with reports to Cliff, our Dirt Farmer. Of course Cliff will head out to check the fields and vineyards to oversee what work can continue, and what work will have to be postponed because of the wet ground; but the phone updates are helpful.

This year we have had 15 to 20 inches of rain in the last two months. That is a lot considering last year, I think that we had 10 inches all year. With our organic row crops that means lots of work. Several workers plowing fields (that is usually what Cliff is up to this time of year) as well as workers hoeing in the fields. Nathan and Eric are kept busy plowing in the vineyards as well. Those little weeds have to be taken care of before they grow to impossible problems. And the soil plowed so that it will not blow during the next rain storm or high winds.

But even with all the extra work, the sight of our world turning from brown to green is a nice change.

All this rain has reminded us of the July rain in 2010 where we received 18 inches in 36 hours. Ahhh, that sounds like a good post for a #ThrowBackThursday for this Thursday.

Organic hemp growing at Bingham Family Vineyards.

Bingham Organics Tinctures Now Available at

As you may remember, we grew organic hemp last year on our farm. We are growing it again this year. The crop looks good especially after all this rain that we have had.

We have processed our crop from last year to produce our own label of CBD tinctures and creams. Check them out at our web site. CBD full spectrum tincture bottle. CBD full spectrum tincture bottle.

Now for more photos of the green hemp crop this year.

Organic hemp growing at Bingham Farm.

Construction at the Farm and Winery

We have been doing some construction at the farm and winery. We added a overhang and a mechanics bay on the the farm barn. Updated photos soon as well as of the new building for hemp extraction and the covering for our grape presses at the winery.


Update from Bingham Family Vineyards and Farm for August 14, 2020

Update from the Farm, August 14, 2020

We are busy finishing up a very strange grape harvest in the next few days. More on that soon. Quite early for that harvest to be coming to an end for the year, but here is a more encouraging update from the organic row crops on our farm.

This is the first year that we have grown organic hemp. 

These plants are huge. They are growing like weeds, except that they do love water. Some are over seven and eight feet tall. 

We are producing grain, fiber, and CBD for to buyers make products to help people and animals.

This is a new and adventurous endeavor, but diversification is what is helping our vineyards and farm to stay afloat during these times.



Organic Pima Cotton Growing on Bingham Farm

Organic Pima Cotton Growing on Bingham Farm

An update is in order to see the beautiful blooms in our organic pima cotton.

We do need a rain, but the cotton is looking good for now. The blossom are turning from yellowish white to pink, and then to purple. Once they fall away there we be a square (don’t ask me why they call it that) which will produce the cotton boll. For now we can enjoy the blossoms.


Pima Cotton Growing at Bingham Farm

Pima Cotton Flower

The first blossoms for the year are forming in the cotton. This is early for us for them to appear compared to other years. This flower is from our organic pima cotton.

First comes the square, then about three weeks later the blossom opens as this one is doing. The petals will change from yellow to pink and finally dark red before they wither and fall, leaving a green pods which is called a cotton boll.

Cliff took these photos as he has been in the fields most days lately sand fighting the soil with a plow since we have had good rains recently.


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