Dinner at Becker Vineyard

While we were down in Fredericksburg for TWGGA Grape Camp, we were invited to a lovely dinner at Becker Vineyards. Richard and Bunny Becker have a wonderful vineyard and winery that is a treat to visit.

The dinner was held in a building at the winery that is used to host special wine tastings.

What a beautiful setting.

Beautiful and enchanting…

Good friends were there…

Wonderful food and lots of barrels. Isn’t that just one of the most beautiful backdrops for decorating that you have ever seen! I didn’t even start to count how many barrels of wine are stored there. But I do love walking by and seeing one with “Bingham” written on it.

Back to the food. My mother taught me to not take more food than I can eat, so here was my plate.

Here is My Honey’s plate. His mother taught him the same thing, and he ate everything on his plate. I can vouch for him. It was delicious!

It was so delicious that I went back for seconds. Yum!

We had the pleasant company of Becker people and other grape growers.

Robert spoke to everyone and encouraged us for working together to make really great wine.

Brett agreed.

Then we ended with wonderful pies with Becker port and Clementine. The Clementine has our late harvested Viognier grapes in it

Wonderful and enjoyable evening. Thank you, Robert & Bunny, and the whole crew at Becker!



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