Wow, I have been so lazzzzy lately. I haven’t been keeping you guys up to date on what is going on here. Instead I have been doing routine stuff like washing clothes, reading to children, teaching them how to find the area of a circle, painting pictures with creative little ones, looking at paintings of Monet, helping start a non-profit organization, cleaning house, driving children to music lessons, getting business books in order, giving spelling tests, discussing 20th century history, getting the Nook app downloaded to my new phone, buying coats for children considering it was soooo cold here lately, …

Oh, yes, and eating dinner at with Neal & Janice at their Rockn’ N B&B. You can’t be too busy to spend time with friends. Isn’t that just beautiful? Tonight was a wonderful evening there.

But – I was suddenly motivated today when I read about yet another great restaurant that is adding not only Texas wine to their wine list but wine made from grapes from Bingham Family Vineyards. If you live close to Houston, you should check out Dolce Vita Pizzeria Enoteca and have a glass of Duchman Family Winery Trebbiano while you are there.

They serve Italian wines, so the Trebbiano is a natural. And if you don’t live close to Houston you can check out the Duchman Family Winery to order some Trebbiano. Duchman also has our Viognier, Vermentino, and you cannot forget their double gold medal winner at the San Francisco International Wine Competition, 2008 Dolcetto. We really liked growing that Dolcetto grape.



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