So, I still haven’t gotten current pictures of the vineyards up, or pictures of the hedger in the vineyards. But sometimes “life” interferes with “life.” Sometimes I have to just slow down a little to enjoy it all for a little while. One of my daughters just begged for us to make gingerbread cookies which we haven’t done for a long time — at least not since the gingerbread house last Christmas. That is a veeerrrry long time for a child.

This is what that imaginative child came up with.

Here comes another child’s gingerbread man.

And here is another’s.

Ohhh, here comes another child’s cookie. I think this child was thinking more about eating lots of chocolate icing and not just artistic design.

Back to the first one, I did forget to tell you what happened during the photography session.

I guess this one wasn’t really ready for all the attention. He kind of fell all apart. But he assured me that he had a great time at the photo shoot. He had a great time till he was completely eaten up at lunch by the child that made him. There were quite a few shrill, high pitched screams at dessert time at lunch while these little men (and women) began disappearing one leg or a limb at a time.

I think I need to slow down and enjoy days like this day more often. Then maybe I won’t keep falling apart like the poor little gingerbread man.



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