My Honey and I are taking a little break from harvest by attending TWGGA Grape Camp 2010. Grape harvest is over, peanut harvest if over, but cotton harvest is still underway. Most of the family is still at home working on cotton harvest.

Cotton harvester harvesting organic cotton at Bingham Family Vineyards and Farm.

It takes a lot of helpers to keep that work going. But it is nice to take a little break from it all.

TWGGA Grape Camp 2010

There was quite a crowd on Sunday at the New Grower Session. AgriLife viticulture advisors, Enology Extension Program Specialists, TWGGA staff, and TWGGA members shared their expertise and thoughts. It was an informative day. Today for the advanced grower session it looks to be even better. If you ever want to put a vineyard in, or improve your vineyard, this is where you need to be. Lots of information floating around.

vineyard equipment on display at 2010 TWGGA Grape Camp

There is also equipment to look at. This is a pre-pruner like the one we have at home. I have pictures ready to show you, but I haven’t had the time to finish up that post because – well we were really busy running that machine. In a year like last year, we really needed it to get over the acres. Hand pruning still needs to follow this machine, but it does a great start.

2010 TWGGA Grape Camp

2010 TWGGA Grape Camp
people visiting at Newsom Grape Day 2010

And there were lots of venders showing their wares. A lot of people just talking and learning among themselves

Food at 2010 TWGGA Grape Camp

Then the catered lunch was wonderful, as pretty as it tasted. And it all tasted delicious. It was prepared by My Own Chef. Really, —– well, actually that is the name of the caterer. But they were so nice that I felt like they were “my own chef”. I’ll have to come back with an update from lunch today. Yes, they’re here again, hooray!

Dinner was a BBQ dinner done by as a real Texas chuck wagon.

Chuck wagon dinner at 2010 TWGGA Grape Camp

They looked like real cowboys to me.

Chuck wagon dinner at 2010 TWGGA Grape Camp

Nice brisket & sausage.

Chuck wagon dinner at 2010 TWGGA Grape Camp

The whole set up was nostalgic and pretty!

Napkins for table setting at barbeque dinner at TWGGA Grape Day 2010.

barbeque meal at 2010 TWGGA Grape Day

And the food was delicious!

I had better get back to listening to more speakers now. More later.


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