Wow, we have been busy, but now all of our Viognier grapes are harvested for 2015. On my way to the winery this morning, I followed one of our dump carts that was filled with Viognier grapes.

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Organic  black-eyed peas in the foreground. One of our vineyards in the background. These grapes are being taken to our winery.

15.09.07_ _064-web

Here the grapes are dumped into micro bins. These are the taller bins that we use when we know the grapes are going straight to our crush press.  Makes the job a little quicker. Getting white grapes to the press quickly is the goal for most all of our white grapes.

15.09.07_ _031-web

15.09.07_ _034-web

Lots of Viognier grapes this year. The last two years the viognier crop in Texas was little to none. But this year is a blessed harvest year.

15.09.07_ _019-web

The bins are weighed on certified scales.

15.09.07_ _008-web

The micro bins are then taken from our loading docks to the presses.

15.09.07_ _014-web

15.09.07_ _017-web

15.09.07_ _024-web

Then the dump carts are cleaned to be sent back out into the field for another load.

15.09.07_ _011-web

We had so many Viognier grapes harvested in the night that we had both of our large presses running this morning.

15.09.07_ _009-web

Yes, in the future we will pump the grapes into those white tubes coming out the side of the tanks, but for now we just pump the grapes into the top of the press.

15.09.07_ _038-web

There are adjustments to make depending on the grape varietal being pressed. This adjustment is for the larger 25 ton press.

15.09.07_ _046-web

These controls are for the smaller 10 ton press. Since we let the juice free flow before the pressing begins, often 16 tons or more can actually go through at a time. Yes, we are using Market Street bags to keep the sun off the controls. We will have to find something a little more professional looking. We will be talking with Market Street about carrying our wines. Let them know in your local store that you would like to see them there for purchase.

15.09.07_ _047-web

Ahhh, then the juice flows. Here you can also see the juice flow and also the auger that will take the leftover skin and seeks to the dump after pressing.

15.09.07_ _044-web

Lovely, lovely Texas wine grape juice ready to be made into Texas wine.

15.09.07_ _039-web

Gold, liquid gold. Texas Viognier that has been made into Texas wine that has won medals in Texas, the United States, and even in French wine competitions. These grapes have been in short supply the last two years, but they are an abundant blessings this year.

15.09.07_ _043-web

Now the juice is ready to be hauled in food grade tanks to wineries around the state. Here comes a truck now. Here is the truck now to haul off some of the grapes and juice.

15.09.07_ _058-web

We have sent Viognier grapes or juice this year to Lost Oak Winery, Duchman Winery, Landon Winery, Hye Meadow Winery, Spicewood Vineyards, Pedernales Cellars, Becker, McPherson Cellars, Whistling Duck Winery, Holy Archangels Monastery Winery, Houston Winery, Blue Lotus, Woodrose Winery, and even Dave Potter.

That is what we use all these micro bins and food grade totes for. To send wonderful grapes and juice to Texas Wineries around the state. Our proces is allowing us to meet the needs of large wineries such as Becker or Duchman, but also the smaller ones such as Holy Archangels Monastery.

15.09.07_ _061-web

We also have tanks that can be used for fermentation like these.

15.09.07_ _051-web

We now have a reefer truck to help with transport for our smaller wineries. Just the last couple of days we delivered 4 food grade totes these hold up to 250 – 300 gallons each, or they can be filled with less. Four totes went on the truck. One winery took two totes, two other wineries took one apiece.

15.09.07_ _063-web

As you enjoy your Labor Day, remember to enjoy some Texas wine. We’ll be working today, but that is because we enjoy bringing the best quality Texas wine to you ourselves as well as by way of Texas wineries all over the state.



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