We had a wonderful time with our club members again at our Meadow Wine Club Member Dinner last Saturday at our Meadow vineyards and winery.

We started with a tour of our winery. With our wine maker, Daniel Bingham, explaining our equipment both outside and inside the winery.


On to the new expanded bottling room. We inclosed an overhang that we used to use when our Pellenc, the grape destemmer, was a separate unit from our harvester to double the space that we had before for a bottling room. Now our destemmer is on our grape harvester machine.


We did not get to see it run Saturday night because one part needs to be fixed, but it was up and running to finish out our bottling of our 2017 Dirt Farmer.

You can also see it running here.


There was new equipment to see in the lab room. As we explained to our guest, each year we slowly invest more into the equipment and supplies that we need to more efficiently make the great quality wine that we plan to continue making for our friends and customers.



Then we were off to dinner in our barrel room with our winery manager, Marissa Bingham, organizing the dinner. We had help from the whole family as well as many of our office, vineyard, and farm staff.



Dinner was a wonderful and the food was great.


Meadow Wine Club Dinner July 2019 photo by Tessa Butterfield



Then came the music. With some of our club members joining in making music.



Then is was off on a hayride for a vineyard tour as the evening was cooling down.



The grapes are halfway through veraison. These are white grapes, so you will not see as much difference. I’ll post some of the red grapes photos soon.



Enjoying the evening sunset was lovely.



Then it was back to the barrel room for a bonfire and more music.



All ended well for a wonderful evening.




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