Veraison is happening. So grape testing started today.


Getting the four-wheelers ready, tool boxes, ziploc bags. The first row of grapes behind my children are Gewürztraminer.


Here are the Gewürztraminer a little closer up.

Later in the evening we had a group come out to see the winery with Birdsong Peanuts. Birdsong has several peanut shelling plants around the country, but we are thankful to have one of them in Brownfield close to us. Our winery is within easy driving distance from both Brownfield and Lubbock. We can’t wait to have our winery finished out for people to come visit.

Peanuts are such a healthy food for us to grow, but some days it is nice to take a look at the grapes growing.

15.07.21_ _005-webHere are some of the Birdsong peanut people looking at our grape crush machines. Behind are some of our insulated tanks that can be used for juice storage, so that we can send chilled juice to our winery friends.

15.07.21_ _003-web

Of course we got out of the heat for a tour inside the winery, also. We had a taste of our wines that we grow and produce with care.

We are currently working on a catwalk to provide access for some of our larger tanks. Then we will finish placing those around the winery getting ready for the abundant crop that we are expecting.



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