I need to write a note about what I did “yesterday” not what I did “today.” Yesterday we tasted the menus to be served at the TWGGA annual conference. But this was soooo fun that I’ll stick this in, and make myself put up another note tonight. Today we went by Brushy Creek Vineyards where Les Constable is the winemaker.

No one ever guessed that the grapes in this note were – Moscato Giallo, except My Honey of course. I didn’t guess right. In fact I’m not positive that I am even spelling the name right. But you all can just correct me.

Muscato Giallo grapes are used to make a classic Italian dessert wine.

Here we are at Brushy Creek doing a sneak preview wine tasting. To the right is a bottle with our Tempranillo grapes made into wine.
These two wines are both Moscato Giallo finished out a little differently.

I think I will leave this decision up to Les since he is so brilliant at making wine. But it sure was fun pretending that I knew what I was talking about. Actually I was right in that one had a more developed aroma than the other. But remember that I am just a beginner at this. The taste was of course different, but that was the whole reason that we were experimenting. Since Moscato Giallo is a newer grape variety to be grown in Texas, it may take us a few years to figure out the “best” way to transform these grapes into wine. But this wine is an excellent start.

Here is My Honey and Les Constable discussing the chemistry of the wines. But – since Les has the mind of a nuclear engineer (oh, yea, he was a nuclear engineer before he retired) – well, I listen, but I don’t always understand the finer points of their discussion. But I love the wine. So I think I’ll just keep coming back.

Blessings, Betty

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