This is the hotel lobby of the Renaissance Hotel in Richardson Texas. Isn’t that a cool looking statue? My two children who came on this trip loved the hotel and the indoor pool.

Hmmm, maybe I am the one who loved being there. Isn’t it just beautiful?

Just lovely ever which way you look.

OK, yes, I spent a lot of time at the hotel just looking up …

… and then looking down. Lovely just lovely.

The reason that My Honey and I came to the hotel early (as in the conference doesn’t start till Thursday, February 18th continues Friday, February 19th, and end on Saturday, February 20th) was to preview some of the food and wine pairings that will be at the conference meals.

So what does that mean? Well, we got a lot of really great Texas wines together.


Tasted it with some really luscious food prepared by the hotel chef …



Oh, yes, the food was lovely, but the point was to make sure that not only was the food lovely, but that it all paired well with the wines to be served with each course.


Lovely salads

This sea bass might have been my favorite. Served with Mandola Vermentino. Oh, it was just heavenly.

Our heroic chef and his helpers were hard at work all afternoon. “We” were hard at work all afternoon as you can imagine. What My Honey and I thought would take an hour or so took over three hours. It was really, really hard work. Don’t you think — by just looking at the lovely, lovely food.

Then the dessert options just blew us away. I don’t know if I can still fit into the dress I just bought to wear to the gala on Saturday night.

The whole hotel is just lovely.

Lots of places to relax, visit, and get to know other people in the wine and grape growing industry of the great state of Texas.

Did I say that I did a lot of looking up and looking down and looking all around. The hotel and the food really are going to be lovely. The whole conference is going to be very educational. I’ll try to post more on the speakers and sessions really soon, but the deadline for making hotel reservations is tomorrow, Sunday, January the 31st. And here is the link for the scheduale and a link for registration.

Hope to see a bunch of you there.

Blessings, Betty

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