Last week harvest started. The majority of those grapes will be sold to other wineries for their production. Our winery is preparing for the fermentation of many of those grapes for our wine label.

At the winery, we just received a truck load of barrels, so that we will be ready for the stage after fermentation for some of our wines which is barrel aging. Wine is aged in barrels for flavor development, maturity, and longevity after bottling.

Barrel with Bingham Family Vineyards logo branded on the lid.

We use about 85% French oak barrels and 15% American oak barrels. Our red wines are oak aged for different periods of time depending on the intended style of the wine. Only a few of our white wines are barrel aged. Those are our reserve white wines and those blended for our Windmill wine blend.

Nice to know that those wonderful grapes that are currently being harvested will have a good home in the coming days.


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