Well, we are getting more done everyday at the tasting room. It is really coming together.

15.05.15_ _032-web

I thought that the job of putting the window sign up was going to take all day, but the guys got started and had it done in really good time.

15.05.15_ _031-web

They already had the outdoor hanging sign in place.

15.05.15_ _034-web

The signs were done by our friends at Lubbock Grader Blade! They did a great job didn’t they. Of course you will recognize Grancy’s drawing from our wine label. And our logo designed by Becca at Bauerhaus Design. Yes, things are really coming together.

Other ways to find our tasting room would be to look for other landmarks such as the train station in Grapevine.

15.05.15_ _051-web

Or the clock tower.

15.05.15_ _052-web

You might want  to watch the gun fight at the tower.

15.05.15_ _060-web

If you make it past those grizzly characters, then just look for our sign just a little ways down from there.

15.05.15_ _075-web

Then just come right in and say, “Hello”. You might happen to find a bunch of us here, like this weekend, or you might find Kyle and Gracie and other friends. But whoever is there, they will welcome you in. So, come see us in Grapevine.



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