I bet that some of you have wondered where have the Binghams been! Well as Cliff likes to say, “We work hard, and we play hard.” At times it seems like we mostly work, but sometimes even the weather encourages play time. In January, we couldn’t pass the this winter wonderland of fun.



Young and old alike were enjoying the snow. Of course, I was on the front porch doing the really hard work with the camera. It was really cold out there.


Did I say “old”. Don’t tell My Honey that. Let’s start that over. Even the young at heart were out there. Can you tell, Cliff is making a “snow turtle” instead of a snowman. Our snow just doesn’t seem to stick too well at times.


And off for a walk.


Remember, I’m the one on the warm porch doing the really hard exercise of taking the distance shots.

Now back to our work.


We are building again. This time it is an equipment barn to house our equipment and to provide a place for the hands to work with a little bit more warmth in the winter.


Just in the beginning stages here on the fifth of January.


The forklifts that move grape bins around in harvest are being put to different work.


Precision by all to create a good structure.15.01.05_untitled_022-web

There is the snow-turtle-making guy up there twenty feet above the concrete. Did I tell you that he doesn’t like heights? He really doesn’t like heights. Well, I guess he likes Texas wine a lot in order to get this job done.


And yes, the work goes on.


Why, you ask, are we going to all this work to make an equipment barn when we already have an equipment barn? Well, when we get this barn finished, then we can move the equipment from our old barn over to this barn, so that we can make the old barn into…. yes, you guessed it, our new winery!

In just a bit, I will post again with our new news about our winery and new tasting room.



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