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Making music while growing grapes, organic crops, and children on the High Plains of Texas

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Bingham Family Vineyards is a multigenerational wine growing family that promises the curious wine explorer a joyful experience through 100% Texas grown and crafted estate wines, the fullest expression of the High Plains.

At times it is hard to know where the wine that you drink was grown and crafted. Our 100% Texas grown grapes reassure you that you are exploring and enjoying the true taste of Texas wine and the jewel of the Texas High Plains. 

“We are proud to bring to you our family heritage for growing wonderful grapes and turning them into award winning wines.
We hope you will enjoy our wines!” - Cliff Bingham, the Dirt Farmer

New Growth and New Addition to Bottling Room

The refreshing vision of new buds is here! In our vineyards, we delay pruning in order to discouraging buds from coming too early. If we have freezing temperatures after the buds have appeared, they may be damaged and not able to produce grapes in the summer. As...

2016 Dirt Farmer for our April Wine Club

April is upon us; we are still hard at work pruning grapes vines. The vines are pushing, but we have no signs of bud break yet. Probably in a week or two, we will start seeing buds. 2016 Dirt Farmer April is a great month to share a bottle of our 2016 Dirt Farmer with...