Some Ideas for Social Isolation During a Pandemic


You probably all have heard that Texas has joined other states across the country in ordering the closure of all schools, gyms, and restaurants. Restaurants as well as tasting rooms such as ours are still allowed to serve take-out food or curbside service.

Gov. Greg Abbott has asked us to avoid social gathering of more than ten people. These times are hard to for most of us to become accustomed to.

My daughter-in-law is helping with a “no contact porch baby shower” for my daughter, Emilee, who is pregnant. People will stop by and leave a gift on the porch and receive a “wrapped cookie to go” rather than get to sit with friends and celebrate the coming birth of a child. But they can celebrate from afar.

We have a friend, Dan Jackson, who is going to be honored as a top cotton ginner in a couple of weeks. Cliff and I had planned to attend a celebration in his honor. I guess we might have to miss that one.

The Houston Rodeo Wine Garden was serving our “Top Texas Wine”, 2017 Dugout, in their wine garden. The wine garden days were shortened as well as the days for the stock show for children showing animals which they had spent months feeding and caring for. First time that the Houston Rodeo has been canceled in 83 years.

“All Texans must avoid social gatherings of more than 10 people,” Gov. Greg Abbott announced. That means that I can’t even have dinner with my husband and children. I guess we will invite the ones close by in shifts.

Some of my family and I watched Tangled, the movie, a week or so ago. I have been thinking about how creative Rapunzel was with her time during the day. Wonder how many closets I could get cleaned out?

Then I began looking for some things that we could do while still honoring our social distance, I found a few interesting links:

How about listening to the author of one of my children’s favorite authors reading one of his new books live on Facebook?  This starts tonight, Friday the 20th.

Audible is putting many of their books for children online for free while schools are closed.

The Metropolitan Opera, after shutting it’s doors, will offer free streams from their live catalog. There are only a few days left, but perhaps they will add more as the days go on.

How about some virtual field trips? These look interesting to adults as well as children that you might be confined with.

We hope that you all stay safe and well.


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