What a night. We went to a grape growers appreciation dinner tonight organized by the Brownfield Chamber of Commerce which is lead by Lorena Valencia. This event was a part of the Taste of Terry County Event  which continues tomorrow. There will be vendors, a grape stomp, and tours during the day. Then at 6:00 in the evening a mix and mingle event with food and wine. Our vineyard and winery will be a stop on the tour, and we will have a table at the evening event. We will provide tastes, wine by the glass, and wine by the bottle.

To make this year even more interesting, Terry County was just awarded the distinction of being the Grape Capital of Texas by the Texas Legislature. The Texas wine and grape industry contributed $1.88 billion to the Texas Economy in 2013. It is awfully nice to be thanked for the hard work that you do.

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It makes us thankful for  all the hard work that our team puts in. We could never do it without all of you.

And today was a night filled with friends. There was Nic, getting ready for his new baby with Katy Jane by practicing holding little Jack. Nic is already a great daddy, but a little extra practice couldn’t hurt.

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And Jack’s parents were there. I guess they had to come along, too.

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But it looks like they were having a good time, too.

And there was the team from Lost Oak Winery there, sharing the great results of winemaking using Terry County fruit. Oh, and there were Wilmeths there with smiling faces as always. They were the hosts by letting us have this fun event at their barn in their vineyard, Diamante Doble Vineyard.

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There were pioneers from the Texas wine business like Cord and Sandy Switzer from Fredericksburg Winery.

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And there were a bunch of Oswalds, who had just hosted a tailgate meeting for growers in the area to share what they have learned about growing grapes.

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Our Texas Senator Charles Perry was there to award the proclamation.

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Our State House Representative Dustin Burrows was there explaining how he did a lot of learning in his first session, and yet was a help in getting the resolution passed.

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There was delicious food, steaks and salad.

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There was good music from the band. One of the guitar players was so nice, he even gave me his napkin, so that I wouldn’t have to wipe my hands on my pants. Yes, he was a gentleman, and yes, I had made a mess and needed an extra napkin.

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But the best part of the evening was when Pappy got to hold Jack.

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Babies are precious in the world. An encouragement for the future for us all.

So, come out tomorrow and see what’s in Terry County.



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