Harvest is upon us. I wanted to run around and take pictures of grapes like these Viognier.

15.07.28_ _072-web

But the day got away from me. Where did it go?

I did get the pony-tail crew to the four-wheelers and the fields. At least the ones still young enough that I drive around, and they don’t drive themselves, except on four-wheelers.


Well, quite a few of them have pony tails.

15.07.28_ _066-web

And some of them get their hands a little dirty.
15.07.28_ _067-web

Then I got distracted by watching the maintenance going on on the crush presses to make sure that they ready for harvest.

15.07.28_ _087-web

Glad that isn’t my job.

15.07.28_ _088-web

But it does look very interesting. Then I found the catwalk that they are finishing up.

15.07.28_ _058-web

And more parts out in the barn.

15.07.28_ _060-web

When I came back by later in the day, they were painting the parts.

15.07.28_ _090-web

Wow, all I have to do is walk by and things get done. I did find the missing Schradieck book. A necessity of life, right?

15.07.28_ _089-web

By the time I made it back to take pictures of the grape sample testing process, it was all done.

15.07.28_ _092-web

These are the funny contraptions that we usually use when we are doing grape cluster samples.

15.07.28_ _096-web

But since we are further away from harvest, we are still doing individual grape samples right now. For grape samples, we use one of those that your Grandma used. Hey, wait a minute, we still use one of those around our house. Well, I guess I am a Nonna.

15.07.28_ _099-web

More signs that work is being done, but no people, just the results.

15.07.28_ _094-web

Wait I look around a minute later, and there it is in place, the cat walk.

15.07.31_ _007-web

Wow, things are moving into place. Just need a few handrails, and we will really be in business. Or we can just have one of our winemakers like Manuel help me down the stairs all the time.

15.07.31_ _006-web

Wow, lots of work going on here. If you want to see the work in process (we aren’t finished yet), come out tomorrow for a tour with the Brownfield Chamber of Commerce Taste of Terry County Tours.



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