Texas Wine Lover’s website did an interview with our very own winemaker, Daniel Bingham. 


Their web site has a wealth of information about the Texas wine industry as well as information about individual wineries. Check out their winery and vineyard tabs.

Daniel is hard at work right now helping bring in the grape harvest. Marissa Bingham our winery manager is also out there testing grapes and organizing our own harvest of grapes as well as grapes for twenty to thirty other wineries around that state. Now that is massive planning and coordinating.

Then there is Thomas and Nathan running the harvesters. And Sierra, Brianna, and Lillie testing grapes and clearing off the dump cart areas. And Savannah running the dump carts from the harvester to the winery. And Blake directing traffic and fixing problems. And I know that Eric is around there somewhere.

And of course there is the Dirt Farmer, Cliff, walking the fields, tasting the grapes, and watching the weather, all the time making plans to bring you the best quality wine possible.

This morning the team was pressing Albariño.


This might be one of the largest presses in the state of Texas. We have three presses in various sizes for different kinds of wine production.

Well back to work. There are tons and tons of grapes to be harvested. The Texas harvest looks to be boutiful this year. 



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