Harvest has started, but not all of the grapes are ready yet. We are now finished with around 20% of harvest for this year. Usually the white grapes are ready before the reds. But we want to wait till the sugar content or brix measurement is just right, so that the grapes will make great Texas wine.

Ahh, the Tempranillo grapes look wonderful. Just another week or so of ripening.

We thinned the berries earlier in the season. We usually wait till the biggest threat of hail is over (natural thinning) then we thin the berries so that we have just the right balance between leaf canopy and berry load. Here you can see the dried berries from the earlier thinning

These Dolcetto grapes need another week or so of ripening, but they look wonderful now.

Lots of nice canopy to protect the berries from too much of our wonderful Texas sunshine which is great for the ripening the berries, but we don’t want them to get sunburned.

The Dolcetto berries were thinned also.

I love the berry taste testing. I love walking the fields taking pictures and eating the grapes. Wait a minute, I meant to say berry taste testing, not just eating them for the pure enjoyment, right. I once told you about how important berry tasting is. Either way it is a wonderful way to enjoy God’s nature.



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