TAPAS is announcing the first International Albariño Day, a celebration of the Albariño grape. If you want to celebrate, run down to McPherson Cellars in Lubbock or 4.0 Cellars in Fredericksburg and pick up a bottle of their award winning Albariño wine. It was made from grapes from Cliff’s cousin’s vineyard in Brownfield.

Castano Prado is an eight acre vineyard owned and operated by Tere Caswell and Tom and Linda Hesse.

When we were down at 4.0 Cellars a month or so ago, the Albariño was the wine of the week. Wow, look at that great price.

Maybe it was so good that they are sold out because when I looked on both their web sites and couldn’t find any, but you can call or check out their wineries.

This harvest season Bingham Family Vineyards will be sending Albariño grapes to McPherson Cellars, Spicewood Vineyards , and Woodrose Winery. We sure are looking forward to this tasting some of these wines this next year.

And while you’re picking up your Albariño you might want to check out McPherson’s Roussanne 2010 which is made with our grapes. The Roussanne has won awards also. SideDish magazine just had an article describing the uniqueness of McPherson Roussanne.

Here is a quote from Hayley Hamilton’s article “What to Drink Now: Wine with an Edge”:

“A few Texas wines have stood out as well, including the McPherson Cellars Roussanne Reserve and Sangiovese Reserve.  The McPherson’s have been making wine in Texas for over 40 years and their wine shows the dedication the family has to making solid wine from varieties that work well in the Texas heat. Their Roussanne is filled with both floral and herb garden notes with balanced citrus and mineral notes.  Only 230 cases of their Reserve Sangiovese are made from wine that has aged in French oak barrels for 16 months.  Fresh berry flavors fill this wine with layers of spice, oak and earth.

 The Vermentino and Trebbiano from Duchman Family Winery show how good unconventional varieties can be.  The Vermentino, filled with white flower aromas and grapefruit, lemon and lime flavors, pairs perfectly with light summer salads or baked white fish, as does the Trebbiano, filled with tropical mango, banana and pineapple with good acidity and balance.  Or, enjoy either throughout these hot summer days as they are an ideal refresher.”

At the Dallas Morning News Wine Completion we had grapes in two Roussanne wines that won Gold:

Gold    Cap Rock Winery, Texas High Plains, Bingham Family Vineyards, Roussanne 2010

        Gold    McPherson, Texas, Bingham Vineyards, Reserve, Roussanne 2010

I just thought that with everyone talking about the Olympic gold medals, I would throw in a comment or two about some of ours.

Back to the original topic, look for a bottle of McPherson Albariño to celebrate today that there will be even more Albariño in Texas next year. Enjoy an Albariño, wine that is new to Texas, but is sure to make a big impression.

Looking ahead to looks like November 8th is going to be International Tempranillo Day. I’ll have to start making a list of all the Tempranillo in Texas with our grapes.


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