Cliff, our Dirt Farmer, brought in a bunch of Moscato Giallo grapes from the vineyard today for me to taste. Yes, tasting is an important part of deciding when the grapes are ready for harvest. You can read here where several of us took a class on berry sensory assessment back in 2009.

He reports that the Moscato Giallo and the Malvasia Bianca are both very sweet for their current stage of ripeness. When they are fully ready for harvest, they will be very good quality for our semi-sweet wines.

This cluster of Moscato Giallo was a little picked over after our tasting of some of the grapes, but still beautiful. A definite encouragement for us as we begin harvest.

Moscato Giallo grape cluster grown at Bingham Family Vineyards in the Texas High Plains AVA

Harvest started on Sunday night with about 10 tons of Viognier going to Grape Creek Winery. Monday night there was rain, so as I write this, I am not sure whether we were able to harvest. But the rain is good. We have been very dry lately. But Cliff, Nathan, and the vineyards team are making sure that the ripening grapes get just the right amount of water. Enough to nourish the plants and fruit, but not enough to reduce the quality of the grapes.

More harvest to come, but all looks like a good crop for 2023.


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