So much work is going on here at the winery that I am running about two weeks behind keeping you up-to-date on how progress is going.

We have had our ups … and downs.

Maybe a little more “up” then Cliff would like.15.01.05_untitled_023-web

Remember he was way up there while they were building our new equipment barn.

15.01.19_ _037-web

And he was way up there when they put the roof on it.

15.01.19_ _039-web

Of course he had some really good helpers. Hey, there is our son, Blake, up there.

15.01.26_ _066-web

15.01.26_ _069-web

Then we put the new shelves in.

15.01.30_Equipment barn_002-web


15.01.30_Equipment barn_003-web

Lots of good storage. Every likes this barn because it can be heated.

15.01.22_ _058-web

Even though the vines enjoyed the nice moisture that we got in January, the workers in the barn prefer to work where it is a little warmer.

While this has been going on Daniel, our winemaker, and Manuel have been busy at our other winery space.

15.01.14_ _002-web

Lots of good reds being aged in oak.

15.01.14_ _007-web

Some older oak and some new oak depending on the varietal.

15.01.14_ _009-web

And more yet, this is just to remind you all that as we are about to bottle our 2014 whites, we will have some red wines also; but most will be coming later in the year or even next year depending on their need for aging.

15.01.14_ _011-web

Here is our son, Daniel. He spent his spring break for Texas Tech working in the winery, but then this year, we all spent spring break working.

Then our efforts moved to the winery building itself.

15.01.30_Equipment barn_007-web

The installation is important here, since this building we want to keep cool all year.

But then came tearing out the floor and making sure that it has the right slope and drainage area.



Honestly, at this point it doesn’t look much like a winery does it?


Personally, I was pretty depressed at this point, but Cliff assured me that things were moving right along.

15.03.09_ _032-web

Then the concrete came! Yea!

15.03.09_ _037-web

Did I tell that we have lots of really good helpers. Well we do.

15.03.09_ _045-web

Just in case you didn’t see the drains in the last photo, here they are trying to stay out of the messy work. Tapped up to be unveiled later.

15.03.09_ _047-web

It was so nice to see the guys getting to the end of the floor. But I’m sure that they were happier about it then even I was.


Then there has been work to do out in the vineyards.



This work was laying down arms in front of the pre-pruner. Two helpers working together works out nicely.


Of course some of my workers aren’t always crazy about having their pictures taken.


But then it’s back to work, so that we can get the work done. Next I’ll show you the pre-pruner running that has been running in the vineyard that last couple of weeks, or you can see some photos from spring 2010 here.





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