We hope everyone had a spectacular 4th of July! We sure did. We went to the largest free festival in Texas! There are all kinds of events that happen in Lubbock on the 4th, ending with a concert and a huge fireworks display courtesy of Gandy’s Dairy.

We have been really busy as a family getting ready for the 4th of July.

Two of our children play in the Youth Orchestras of Lubbock Symphony Orchestra. Two of our children played in the 4th concert as alumni. Cliff helped at some of the practices. And one of our kids likes to just sit on the stage while everyone else was doing set up….

So the children played music from Pirates of the Caribbean,  Band of Brothers, and patriotic pieces such as The Stars & Stripes Forever, Deep in the Heart of Texas, The Washington Post March, America the Beautiful, and Overture of 1812.

As I said it is a free even, so we get there early to stake out a good spot.

Other friends arrive and they stake out spots next to ours. Yes, that is Cliff taking on the phone.

But he does get off the phone at times. Here he is saying, “Hey, quit taking pictures and come sit down beside me.

Of course the children aren’t sitting down, they are off playing with friends. Some game that I haven’t figured out how to play yet, so I’ll just watch from my lounge chair.

The patriotic pieces are played to the backdrop of the huge fireworks display.

There are even hearts that go off during Deep in the heart of Texas!

What a wonderful event! We had a great time, but now we have to get ready for harvest. Cliff says it might be as early as the beginning of August for grape harvest. We usually don’t start till mid-August. But this year looks like it is going to be a great and bountiful harvest, so we are really looking forward to it!

I really am going to put vineyard and cotton pictures up really soon. Just as soon as I catch up on my sleep.



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